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Various Towns, ME Tornado and Storm Damage, July 1870
Utica, NY Train Derailment North Of Town, Sep 1851
Mount Harris, CO Explosion In Victor American Mine, Jan 1942
Littleton, AL Explosion In The Banner Mine, Apr 1911
North Hollywood, CA Cargo Airliner Crashes Into Homes, Dec 1962
Burbank, CA Plane Crashes On Approach For Landing, Nov 1944
Seattle, WA Bomber Crashes Into Meat Plant, Feb 1943
Plain City, UT Private Plane Loses Wing And Crashes, Oct 1960
Silver Ridge, UT Light Plane Crashes Into Canyon, Oct 1960
Four Mile, KY Straight Creek Mine Explosion, Dec 1945
Centralia, MO Fire, Sept 1899
Thaxtons, VA Train Wreck, Jul 1889
Lafayette, IN Business Block Fire, Feb 1873
Saugerties, NY Steamer Reindeer Fire, Sept 1852
Hartford, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1867
Yalesville, CT Train Wreck, Feb 1916
Wilmette, IL Tornado, Mar 1920
Elgin, IL Tornado, Mar 1920
Georgetown, SC Destructive Tornado, May 1868
Bridgeport and Montgomery, IL Tornado Damage, May 1871
Albany, NY Railroad Accident, Sep 1851
Red Canon, WY Coal Mine Explosion, Mar 1895
Phillipsburg, KS Train Wreck, Jul 1905
Chicopee, MA Dwelling House Fire, Jul 1854
Courtney, PA Cincinnati Mine Explosion, Apr 1913
Charleroi, PA Area Auto Accidents, Aug 1960
Elberton, GA Flood, Aug 1908
Derby, CT Flood, Sept 1882
Peterborough, VT Fire, Jun 1873
Brunswick, VT Richardson's Lumber Mills Fire, Jul 1870
Rutland, VT Quarry Accident, Mar 1868
Lyons Farms, NJ Train Accident, Feb 1879
West Side, NJ Train Accident, Feb 1879
Clinton, IA Storm, Jun 1902
New York, NY Washington Street Fire, Jan 1893
Northeast Pennylvania Forest Fires, May 1880
Amboy, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1893
Fort Worth, TX Electric Storm, May 1907
Montpelier, IN Empire Glycerine Works Explosion, Dec 1896
Nashua, NH Storm, Apr 1886
Wallingford, CT Holy Trinity Church Struck by Lightning, Jul 1911
Lenox, MA Tanglewood Stables Fire, Jul 1908
New Haven, CT Steamboat Glen Island Fire, Dec 1904
Joplin, MO Bathtub Drowning, May 1961
Centralia, IL Flood, Apr 1893
Chicago, IL Lumber District Fire, Aug 1894
Mount Vernon, NY Depot Place Fire, Feb 1896
Chicago, IL John Hartley's Pork Packing Co Fire, Aug 1881
Lawton, OK Area Tornado, Jun 1904
Melrose Park, IL Tornado, Mar 1920
Chicago, IL Lumber Yard Fire, May 1885
West Hartford, VT Railroad Accident On Vermont Central, Sep 1851
Kemmerer, WY Terrible Mine Explosion, Aug 1923
Gorham, ME Tornado Causes Much Damage, Oct 1855
New-Bridge, VA Tornado and Storm Damage, June 1862
Portage, PA Mine Explosion Kills 63 Workers, July 1940
Dayton, OH Tornado Damages Buildings, July 1854
Chateaugay, NY Tornado Ruins Town, July 1856
Fort Worth, TX Tricycle Accident, Sept 1913
Cleveland, OH Luetkemeyer Building Fire, Feb 1925
Minot, ND Auto - Train Wreck, Dec 1917
Racine, WI Case Machine Co Fire, Jul 1903
Washington, NJ Auto Crashes Into Truck, Mar 1953
Nr. Umiat, AK Helicopter Crashes On The North Slope, July 1974
Tercio, CO Mine Explosion Kills Twenty, Oct 1904
Hanna, WY Terrible Mine Explosion, June 1903
Tracy, MN School Fire, Feb 1912
Chicago, IL Drownings, Aug 1924
Illinois Flood, May 1943
Chicago, IL Plane Crashes On Landing, Dec 1940
Cheektowaga, NY School Fire Near Buffalo, Mar 1954
Grundy, VA Coal Mine Explosion Kills 45, Apr 1938
Everettsville, WV Devestating Mine Explosion, Apr 1927
Mannington, WV Scores Perish In Mine Explosion, Nov 1968
Pocahontas, VA Coal Mine Explosion Kills Two Score, Feb 1932
Janesville, WI School For the Blind Fire, Apr 1874
Delavan, WI train wreck, Sept 1860
Delagua, CO Mine Disaster Kills Scores, Nov 1910
McAlester, OK Fire In Coal Mine Kills Over Thirty Miners, Aug 1908
Kellogg, ID Fire Breaks Out In Silver Mine, May 1972
Pellston, MI UAW Leader Reuther Killed In Jet Crash, May 1970
Mulga, AL Blast Shatters Mine, Oct 1937
Lone Pine, CA Plane Crashes On Mt. Whitney, Feb 1969
Sorento, IL Tornado Destroy's Small Village, Oct 1905
Goose Bay, Newfoundland 23 Die In C-54 Transport Crash, Dec 1947
Wilkes-Barre, PA Deadly Mine Explosion, Dec 1947
New Braunfels, TX Head On Train Collision Kills Four, Dec 1947
Memphis, TN Transport Plane Crashes On Landing, Dec 1947
New Smithville, PA Bus Crashes Through Guardrail, July 1970
Ft. Warren, WY Airliner Crashes Into Rolling Hills, Oct 1946
Pilot Knob Mountain, NY Airplane Crashes On Peak, Nov 1969
Hastings, CO Coal Dust Explosion Kills Scores, Apr 1917
Near Allentown, PA Under-Water Blast Kills Diver, July 1960
Off Barnegat Inlet, NJ Blimp Crashes Into Atlantic Ocean, July 1960
New Orleans, LA Plane Crashes And Burns On Landing, Mar 1969
Oklahoma City, OK Tornado Ravages City, June 1942
Various Towns, TX Tornados Cause Death And Damage, May 1930
Off Grand Tower, IL Steamer La Mascotte Explodes Boilers, Oct 1886
Off South Haven, MI Steamer Chicora Sinks In Lake Michigan, Jan 1895
Off Eagle River, MI Steamer Sunbeam Sinks In Lake Superior, Aug 1863
Off Buffalo, NY Steamer Burns In Lake Erie, July 1856
Off Grand Haven, MI Steamer Sinks In Lake Michigan, Sep 1873
Boston, MA Sailboat Capsizes Drowning Nine, Apr 1892
Billings, MT 'Flying Boxcar' Crashes In Flames, Nov 1952
Brushy Mountain, VA Audie Murphy Killed In Plane Crash, June 1971
Rock Springs, WY Mining Accident Kills Three, Dec 1942
St. Louis, MO Army Bomber Crashes On Take Off, Dec 1942
Fairfield, UT Transport Plane Crashes Short Of Runway, Dec 1942
Richland, WA Airliner Crashes On Takeoff, Feb 1978
Alvarado, CA Airliner Plunges Into Field, Mar 1953
Elko, NV Plane Crashes On Attempted Landing, Sep 1946
Elkton, KY Chartered Airliner Crashes In Field, Nov 1972
Boston, MA Jetliner Crashes On Landing, July 1973
Norwalk, CA Transport Plane and Bomber Collide In Midair, Feb 1958
Near Whittier, CA Airliner Crashes Into Hills, Apr 1952
Spotsy Lake, AK Airliner Crashes Into Frozen Lake, Dec 1968
Florence, KY Commuter Plane Crashes On Take Off, Oct 1979
RACINE, WI Manufacturing District Fire, May 1903
Greenwood, AR Tornado Devastates Town, Apr 1968
Flushing Bay, NY Plane Overshoots Runway, Dec 1945
Mountain View, CA Planes Collide In Mid Air Killing 16, Apr 1973
Pittsburgh, PA Plane Crashes After Attempted Landing, Mar 1937
Johnstown, PA Commuter Plane Crashes On Landing, Jan 1974
Near Quilcene, WA Air Force C141 Crashes Into Olympic Mountains, Mar 1975
Off Los Angeles, CA Jetliner Plunges Into Ocean On Take Off, Jan 1969
New York City, NY Helicopter Rotor Kills Five, May 1977
West Frankfort, IL Coal Mine Gas Explosion, Dec 1951
Mt. Laguna Range, CA Plane Crashes Into Peak, Mar 1946
Galveston, TX Commuter Plane Crashes On Take Off, Apr 1974
Racine, WI Opera House Fire, Dec 1884
Gambell, AK Airliner Crashes Into Hillside, Sep 1975
Racine, WI multi-block fire, May 1882
Mt. Tom, MA Bomber Crashes Into Mount Tom, July 1946
Various Towns, ME Tornadoes Sweep Maine, May 1921
Boston, MA Cocoanut Grove Club Fire, Nov 1942
Racine, WI insane asylum fire, Feb 1904
Appleton, WI Waverly Hotel fire, Sept 1897
Milwaukee, WI tavern fire, May 1909
Various Towns, SC GA AL Tornado Destruction, Apr 1924
Benwood, WV Mine Explosion Claims Many Lives, Apr 1924
Billings, MT Transport Plane Crashes On Take Off, Dec 1945
Winona, MN Northwest Airlines Plane Crashes, Aug 1948
Osage, WV Explosion Tears Through Coal Mine, May 1942
Miles City, MT Plane Overshoots Runway And Crashes, May 1942
Pomona, KS Tornado Hits Dinner Theater Showboat, June 1978
Fairmont, WV Gas Explosion Rips Coal Mine, Mar 1925
Salmon Mountain, OR Plane Crashes Into Peak, Oct 1966
New York, NY coffee warehouse fire, Sept 1900
Little Rock, AR bear attack, Sept 1852
Alcona, MI Marine City Steamer Fire, Aug 1880
Baton Rouge, LA The Steamer Fashion Disaster, Jan 1867
Baldwin, KS Frat House Fire Kills Five, Aug 1976
West Frankfort, IL Gas Explosion In Coal Mine, July 1947
Manzano Base, NM Tactical Air Command Jet Crashes, Sep 1977
Arkansas Cutoff, AR Sinking Of The Mercury In Arkansas River, Mar 1867
Warner Robins, GA Tornado Kills Nearly Twenty, May 1953
Silverton, TX Tornado, May 1957
Janesville, WI Fire, Jan 1867
Houston, TX Train Wreck, Feb 1894
Wharton, TX Fire, Dec 1902
Little Rock, AR Reform School Fire Kills 21, Mar 1959
Minneapolis, MN Hotel Blaze Kills Four, May 1967
New York, NY Planes Collide On Ground, May 1967
Siloam, NC Bridge Collapses Over Yadkin River, Feb 1975
Birmingham, AL Deadly Tornado, Apr 1956
Delaware Bay off Cape May, NJ Plane Crashes Into Bay, May 1947
Preakness, NJ Private Plane Crashes On Take Off, May 1947
Powys, PA Farm Home Fire Near Williamsport, Jan 1931
Orrville, OH Private Plane Crashes Into Field, Oct 1971
Gulf Of Mexico off LA, Helicopter Crewship Crashes, Nov 1975
Ellisville, MS Ellisville State School Fire Kills 15, Dec 1978
Waseca, MN Tornado Blows Train Down Embankment, Aug 1902
Near Summit, AK Air Force Transport Hits Mountain, Nov 1952
Wilburton, OK Gas Explosion In Coal Mine, Jan 1926
Royalton, IL Gas Explosion In Coal Mine, Oct 1914
Mount Airy, NC School Fire Kills One, Injures Many, Feb 1957
Anchorage, AK Plane Crashes Minutes After Takeoff, July 1979
Savoonga, AK Private Plane Crashes After Takeoff, May 1975
Albuquerque, NM Plane Crashes At City Airport, May 1972
Bridgeport, CT Train Wreck, Jul 1911
Near Granby, CO Nine Die In Private Plane Crash, Dec 1975
Clymer, PA "Sample Run" Mine Disastrous Explosion, Aug 1926
Providence, KY Coal Mine Dust Explosion, July 1939
Newbury, VT Storm, Jun 1795
Ware, MA Main Street Fire, Nov 1907
Yancy, KY Deadly Coal Mine Explosion, Dec 1932
Chicago, IL City Struck By Tornado, June 1892
Walkersville, MD Air Force Jet Explodes And Crashes, May 1981
Tell City, IN Turbojet Explodes In Midair, Mar 1960
Grand Forks, ND Tornado Damages Much Of Town, June 1887
Cove Neck, NY Colombian Jetliner Crashes On Landing, Jan 1990
Myerstown, PA Troop Train Rams Freight Train, Jan 1946
Cheshire, CT Airliner Plunges In Flames, Jan 1946
Elk Garden, WV Coal Mine Disaster Kills Two Score, Apr 1911
Laredo, TX Tornado Damages Much Of City, Apr 1905
Hanna, WY Gas Explosion In Mine, Mar 1908
Camp Lejeune, NC Two Helicopters Collide In Midair, June 1967
Hardeeville, SC Car Crashes Into Truck, June 1967
Louisville, KY Caisson Collapses during Bridge Construction, Jan 1890
Louisville, KY Bridge Collapse, Dec 1893
Eminence, KY Tornado, Mar 1890
Bonnettes Mill, MO Train Wreck, Mar 1897
Bolling, AL Train Wreck, Mar 1896
Pratt City, AL Train Wreck, Oct 1907
Abbeville, AL Fire, May 1906
Chicago, IL Shuttle Helicopter Crash Kills 13, July 1960
Coalinga, CA Chartered DC-3 Airliner Crashes, Jan 1948
Maxton, NC Army Plane Crashes Near Fort Bragg, June 1943
Rock Springs, WY Mine Explosion Injures Many, Sep 1907
Ozark, AR Tornado Strikes Small Towns, Apr 1883
Birmingham, AL Mine Explosion In Overton Mine, Dec 1925
Bartley, WV Coal Mine Gas Explosion Disaster, Jan 1940
Bear Creek, MT Smith Mine Disaster, Feb 1943
Glendive, MT Train Wreck, Aug 1908
Austin, MT Train Wreck, Feb 1906
Canaan, CT Post Office Block Robbery, Explosion and Fire, Mar 1903
Wharton, TX Flood, Apr 1900
Ludlow, VT Blasting Powder Accident, 1849
Milwaukee, WI Phoenix Light Co Fire, Feb 1925
Bishop, VA and WV Coal Mine Explosion In Bishop Mine, Feb 1957
Miles City, MT Plane Crashes Trying To Land, Mar 1964
Moweaqua, IL Deadly Coal Mine Explosion, Dec 1932
Montville, OH Jelly Factory Explosion, Sept 1891
Sault St Marie, MIL Steamer Wissahickon Wreck, Dec 1909
Ludlow, VT Fatal Oxcart Accident, Nov 1851
New York, NY Mason House Fire, Jan 1905
New York, NY Park Place Building Explosion and Fire, Aug 1891
Salamanca, NY Train Accident, May 1936
Sioux City, IA Ruff Building Collapses, June 1918
McCurtain, OK Coal Mine Explosion, Oct 1922
Meridian, MS City Is Swept By Tornado, Mar 1906
Marquette, KS Tornado Disaster In Towns, May 1905
Sullivan, IN Coal Mine Explosion Traps Miners, Feb 1925
Morgantown, WV Plane Crashes On Mountainside, Apr 1945
Bordentown, NJ Bus And Truck In Collision, Sep 1952
Bristol, CT Railroad Bridge Collapses, Feb 1896
New York, NY Pine Street Office Bldg Fire, Jan 1905
Kussiloff, AK Cannery Fire, Jul 1905
Ludlow, VT Bonfire Accident, 1837
Laredo, TX Fire, Mar 1908
Rock Hill, TX School Fire, Mar 1908
Bay City, TX Boat Accident and Drownings, Oct 1949
Mart, TX Drownings, Mar 1908
Lake Winnebago, WI Planes Collide Over Lake, June 1972
Rich Hill, MO Disastrous Mine Explosion, Mar 1888
Mt. Sanford, AK Chartered Airliner Missing In Alaska, Mar 1948
Yakima, WA Justice Douglas Injured in Fall from Horse, Oct 1949
Milwaukee, WI Plankinton House Hotel Fire, Dec 1883
Lumpkin, GA Train Wreck, Aug 1908
Ionia, MI Train Wreck, Feb 1890
Casper, WY Refinery Tank Fire, Jun 1921
Williamston, MA Stage Accident, Aug 1846
Columbus, TX Storm, Aug 1894
Greenfield, MA Flood, Jul - Aug, 1915
Valdez, AK Flood, Jul 1905
Olean, NY Auto Accidents, Jun 1936
Ludlow, VT Drowning, Mar 1847
New York, NY Jefferson Hotel Fire, Jan 1901
Madison County, IL Flood, May 1943
Chicago, IL Swift & Co Fire, Jul 1902
Chicago, IL Blizzard, Jan 1918
Chicago, IL Armour Beef House Fire, Jul 1887
Carlin, IL Coal Mine Fire, Jan 1899
Savannah, GA Fire, Feb 1894
Shenandoah, PA mine cave-in, Nov 1938
Cape May, NJ hotel fire, Sept 1856
off Oswego, NY Steamer Sinks In Lake Ontario, Nov 1921
near Memphis, TN Tow-Boat Crescent City Explosion, Mar 1874
Newtown, MO Tornado Ravages Small Town, Apr 1899
Various Towns, NE, KS Tornado Destruction, June 1908
Various Towns, IN Tornado Damages Many Towns, Mar 1916
Worth, MO Tornados Hit Three States, Apr 1947
New Oxford, PA Auto Wreck, Jan 1939
New York, NY Chief Rush Killed in Auto Runaway Accident, Apr 1912
Pleasantville, NY Killed by Blasted Stump, Jun 1936
Sea Isle City, NJ Crushed by Derrick, Apr 1896
Philadelphia, PA Fell from Pole, Apr 1896
El Dorado, KS Tornado Devastates City, June 1958
Milwaukee, WI Johns Manville Mfg Co Fire, Feb 1909
Chicago, IL Leech & Woolman's Distillery Fire, Feb 1873
New York, NY Theatre Panic, Feb 1873
Long Island, NY Rockaway Beach fire, Jul 1893
Pittsburgh, PA Monongahela House Banquet Hall Fire, Apr 1897
Richmond, VA House Fire, Sept 1853
New York, NY Nearly Suffocated by Gas, Jan 1898
Wellsville, NY Storm, Feb 1887
Tillamook, OR Steamer Queen Fire, Feb 1904
Bennington, VT Auto Accidents, Dec 1961
Lynn Canal, AK Steamer Clara Nevada Fire, Feb 1898
New York, NY Ambulance Hits Fire Chief, Apr 1914
Scarborough, ME Danish Village Building Fire, May 1947
Milwaukee, WI State University Fire, Dec 1884
Topeka, KS Tornado Crushes City, June 1966
Racine, WI Fatal Cigar Accident, Jul 1914
Southern WI storms, Jun 1981
Arcadia, NE Tornado Destroys Farm House, June 1953
Burnett, WI tornado, Jun 1981
Hartford, CT Bridge Under Construction Collapses, Dec 1941
Sun Prairie, WI near-drowning, June 1981
White Mountain, CA (near Burbank) Plane Crashes Into Mountainside, Nov 1946
Clay, KY Coal Mine Explosion Disaster, Aug 1917
Linton, IN Coal Mine Explosion Disaster, Jan 1931
Moberly, MO Bridge Collapse Over Grand River, July 1884
Richmond, VA Lexington Hotel Fire, Feb 1922
Switchback, WV Bluefield Colliery Mine Explosion, Dec 1908
Mars Bluff, SC Airliner Crashes In Swamp, Sep 1945
Springhill, NS Coal Mine Explosion Disaster, Feb 1891
Vancouver, BC Bridge Under Construction Collapses, June 1958
Various Towns, TX - OK Devastating Tornado, Apr 1947
Harper, KS Tornado Destroys Most Of Town, May 1892
Scranton, PA Central Colliery Mine Explosion, July 1889
Hot Springs, AR Area Tornado Spreads Destruction, Nov 1915
Milwaukee, WI Jetliner Crashes On Takeoff Killing 31, Sep 1985
New York, NY Plane Crashes On Landing, Dec 1954
Fort Smith, AR Tornado Causes Death And Damage, Jan 1898
Benton, Polk Co, Tennessee Explosion
Rockwood, TN Deadly Mine Explosion, Oct 1926
Natchez, MS Terrible Tornado Destruction, May 1840

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