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New Disaster Articles on line

New Disasters Articles added in the past week or so at

Alton, IL Fire, Feb 1873
Alton, IL Flackenecker's Grocery Store Fire, Feb 1868
Alton, IL Flouring Mill Fire, Mar 1867
Asbury Park, NJ Cedar Creek Drownings, Jul 1880
Ashland, WI Mine Fire, Apr 1889
Baltimore, MD Chinese Diplomat Drowns, May 1923
Bedford Co., PA Death
Belleville, IL Foundry Accident, Dec 1917
Berrysburg, WV Deadly Mine Explosion, Nov 1900
Biglerville, PA house fire, Feb 1909
Birmingham, AL Mine Explosion Disaster, Aug 1943
Bradford, PA Airliner Crashes While Landing At Airport, Jan 1969
Brookline, MA House Fire, Sept 1838
Buffalo, NY Storm, May 1899
Burlington, NJ Bridge Collapses Under Trolley Car, Dec 1911
Camp Douglas, WI Train Plunges Through Bridge, Sep 1912
Centralia, PA Mine Accident, Sept 1913
Charleston, WV Airliner Crashes On Landing In Fog, Aug 1968
Charlotte, NC Two Freight Trains Collide, Dec 1880
Chester, PA Footbridge Collapses Into River, Sept 1921
Chicago, IL Airliner Crashes On Takeoff, Mar 1948
Chicago, IL Train Accident, Oct 1895
Chicopee, MA Asphyxiation, Mar 1898
Chicopee, MA Bridge and Depot Fire, Nov 1903
Chicopee, MA Dwight Manufacturing Co Fire, Apr 1873
Cincinnati, OH Opera House Fire, Mar 1902
Clark County, WA forest fire, Aug 1910
Coastal Areas NC, Flood And Wind Devestation, Sep 1913
Columbus, OH State Penitentiary Fire Disaster, Apr 1930
Conifer, CO Children Put Out Forest Fire, Jul 1935
Copley, OH Bull Accident, Jul 1877
Cranford, NJ Train Crashes Into Circus Wagon, Apr 1871
Crowley, LA Tornado, Mar 1902
Decatur, IL Frightened Horse Accident, Jun 1899
Derby, CT Freshet, Feb 1857
Des Moines, IA train wreck, Aug 1891
Detroit, MI Tragic Furniture Store Fire, Oct 1894
Diaz, AR Train Wreck, Jul 1905
Diveron, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1908
Dover, NJ Ammunition Depot Explosion, July 1926
Duluth, MN Horseshoe Lake Drownings, Jul 1905
Dunning, IL Tornado, Mar 1920
Duquesne, IL Train Hit by Lightning, Nov 1921
Durand, MI Train Wreck, Aug 1910
East of Cape Cod, MA Plane Crashes Into Atlantic Ocean, Nov 1966
East Rochester, NY Train Wreck, Jul 1905
East St Louis, MO Barber Shop and Grain Elevator Fire, Mar 1884
East Texas Floods, Apr 1921
Elk Mountain, WY Airliner Crashes Into Peak, Jan 1946
Evanston, IL Model Drowns in Lake, Apr 1948
Fairbanks, AK Night Club Destroyed By Fire, Aug 1956
Fargo, ND Fatal House Fire, Apr 1895
Fire Creek, WV Coal Mine Explosion, Mar 1900
Flushing, NY Steamer La Burgogne Drowning, Jun 1895
Fort Washington, NY Steamer Isaac Newton Burns In Hudson River, Dec 1863
Freehold, NJ Building Explosion, Nov 1919
Galax, VA Air Liner Crashes In Western Virginia, Jan 1947
Gettysburg, PA Auto Wreck, Jul 1929
Glendale, OH Trains Collide In Flames, Jan 1890
Golden, CO Coal Mine Disaster, Sep 1889
Granby, QB Bridge Swept By Flood, Apr 1869
Grand Forks, ND Runaway Accident, Jul 1905
Grand Rapids, WI House Fire, Jul 1907
Green Bay, WI Fox River Drowning, May 1929
Grudup, AL Train Hits Auto At Crossing, Aug 1943
Hampton Roads, VA Battleship Minnesota Launch Ship Sinks, Jun 1907
Harrisburg, PA Express Train Hits Derailed Freight, May 1905
Harrison, AR Flood, May 1961
Harrison, AR Flood, May 1961
Holyoke, MA Terrible Church Fire Calamity, May 1875
Hugo, OK Tornado, Apr 1902
ID MT WA forest fires, Aug 1910
Indiana, PA Fell From Roof, Oct 1890
Joplin, MO Train Crashes Into Motor Car, Aug 1914
Laguna Mountains, CA Plane Crashes En Route To San Diego, Dec 1946
Lake Erie, OH steamer fire and scuttle, Dec 1898
Lake Toxaway, NC Dam Break Threatens Towns, Aug 1916
Lancaster, MO Farmer Killed in House Fire, Apr 1921
Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Hotel Fire, Nov 1980
Laurel Run, PA Passenger Train Strikes Debris, Dec 1903
Le Mars, IA Tornado Roars Through County, June 1885
Lemont, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1873
Lemont, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1905
Lemont, IL Train Wreck, May 1892
Lenox, MA Fire, Apr 1909
Lethbridge, Alberta, CAN Mine Explosion, June 1914
Linn County, KS Sugar Creek Drownings, Jun 1882
Long Island, NY House Fire, Nov 1895
Long Island, NY Schooner Louise Randall Wreck, Nov 1893
Marietta, OH Ohio River Drowning, Jul 1915
Marvine, PA Mine Shaft Explosion, Sep 1886
Marysville, CA Feather River Drowning, Jul 1915
Mingo Junction, WV Ohio River Steamer Collision, July 1882
Minot, ND Air Force Tanker Crashes On Takeoff, Jan 1968
Missouri City, MO Train Plunges Through Trestle, June 1897
Monticello, MS Tornado Devestates Small Town, Apr 1882
Morrisania (New York), NY Brewery Fire, Jan 1888
Mount Vernon, NY Train Accident, Apr 1910
Naper, NE Tornado Destruction, June 1901
Near Osceola, AR Steamer Mary E. Poe Destroyed, Oct 1873
New Haven, CT Hotel Tontine Fire, Oct 1897
New Haven, CT Sabatini's Restaurant Fire, Jan 1920
New York City, NY Bridge Collapses Into Harlem River, Apr 1899
New York City, NY Explosion And Fire In Tunnel, Jan 1902
New York, NY Fatal Subway Fire, May 1907
New York, NY Flying Boat Sinking, Jan 1939
New York, NY Hotel Commodore Fire, Jun 1920
New York, NY Stable Fire, Jul 1893
New York, NY Trolley Car Fire, Jan 1897
Newark, NJ Caisson Collapses In Passaic River, Feb 1911
Newburgh, NY Train - Car Wreck, Apr 1948
Newport, AR Fire, Dec 1882
Newport, RI Torpedo Station Accident, May 1920
North Lawrence, NY Fire, Jul 1907
North Tonawanda, NY Tornado, May 1899
Nr. Salt Lake City, UT Plane Crashes Into Ensign Peak, May 1942
Odessa, TX Auto Wreck, May 1958
Off Charlevoix, MI Steamer Champlain Disaster, June 1887
Off Galveston, TX Steamer Henry A. Jones Disaster, Feb 1873
Off Huntington, L. I. NY Steamer Bay State Accident, Nov 1856
Oweta, OK Arkansas River Drowning, Jul 1915
Ozark, AR Train Wreck, Jul 1905
Paris, TX Baseball Accident, May 1922
Park City, MT Trains Collide In Snowstorm, Sep 1908
Pecos, TX Railroad Trestle Under Construction Collapses, Dec 1882
Peru, IN Fire, Nov 1873
Petersburg, VA House Fire, Dec 1880
Philadelphia, PA Drowning Rescue, Aug 1880
Philadelphia, PA Drownings, Jul 1880
Pittsburg, KS Mining Disaster, Nov 1888
Pittsburgh, PA Disastrous Gas Explosion, Nov 1927
Pleasant Valley, WI Powder Plant Explosion, Mar 1911
Point Pleasant, WV Bridge Over Ohio River Collapses, Dec 1967
Portage County WI Deadly Lightning Storm, July 1929
Portsmouth, OH Flood, Jan 1937
Providence, RI Dormitory Fire Kills Seven, Dec 1977
Providence, RI Tenement Building Collapses, May 1895
Provo, UT Baseball Star Ken Hubbs Killed In Plane Crash, Feb. 1964
Racine, WI train wreck Mar 1891
Ravenna, OH Terrible Train Collision, July 1891
Renolette, OH Tornado, Mar 1920
Ruston, LA Industrial School Fire, Feb 1906
Sacramento CA Area Flood, Mar 1852
Salina, KS Tornado Causes Death And Damage, June 1897
San Antonio, TX Train Wreck, Mar 1920
San Marcos, TX Drowning, May 1961
Seaford, DE Tornado Causes Damage, June 1911
Seneca, NY Council House Fire, Aug 1838
Shamokin, PA Sulphur Explosion In Mine, Mar 1884
Shohola, PA Civil War Prisoner Train Disaster, July 1864
Slidell, TX Tornado Destroys Small Town, Mar 1909
South McAlester, OK Mine Explosion, Jul 1905
Spurkill, NY Bus Crashes On Steep Hill, July 1926
St Cloud, MN Farmer Killed by His Own Horses, Sept 1909
Steep Point, AK Steamer Ohio Sinking, Aug 1909
Stillwater, MN & Madison, WI Tornado and Lightning, July 1893
Swifton and Other Towns, AR Violent Tornados Strike Area, Apr 1929
Sykesville, PA Mine Explosion, July 1911
Syracuse, NY Auto Race Catastrophe, Sep 1911
Syracuse, NY Thirteen Blocks In City Burn, Mar 1891
Tanana, AK Forest Fire, Jul 1915
Taylor, TX Man Falls from Tower, May 1922
Temple, TX Railroad Accident, Sept 1913
Trenton, NJ Blazing Gas Takes Life, Aug 1952
Tuscon, AZ Dray Accident, Jun 1882
Urbana, VA Oystermen Drown In Rappahannock River, Dec 1884
Uvalde, TX Circus Tent Collapses, Mar 1955
Van Wert, OH Tornado, Mar 1920
Vermont Flood, Apr 1895
Vicksburgh, MS Steamer W. R. Carter Disaster, Feb 1866
Vineland, NJ Airliner Crashes In Snow Storm, Jan 1947
Wallingford, CT Fire, Oct 1867
Wallingford, CT Meadow Street Fire, Jun 1884
Wallingford, CT Temperance Hall Fire, Feb 1885
Wallingford, CT Wallingford Wheel Co Fire, Mar 1880
Wallingford, CT Wallingford Wheel Co Lightning and Fire, May 1858
Wallingford, CT Button Factory Fire, Dec 1853
Washburn, WI Dynamite Plant Fire, Jul 1905
Washington, DC Car Inspector Killed in Train Accident, Jun 1904
West Brookfield, MA Train Wreck, Nov 1907
West Liberty, OH train wreck, Nov 1920
White Plains, NY Business Fire Feb 1907
Zeigler, IL Mine Explosion Kills Several, Jan 1909

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