Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, Train Wrecks....

Disaster Articles Added this Past Week at

Gettysburg, PA Area Storm, Jan 1939
Worcester, MA Fire, Aug 1838
Wallingford, CT Fire, Dec 1883
Hare Point, QB Fatal Worsted Factory Fire, Feb 1891
Duck Hill, MS Train Wreck, May 1884
Enid, OK Train Accident, Jan 1912
Missouri City, MO Train Wreck, Jun 1897
Hardwick, MA House and Barn Fire, Sept 1852
Pittsfield, ME Train Wreck, Aug 1906
Belmont Station, NS Train Wreck, Dec 1902
Vermont - Quebec Earthquake, Nov 1893
Kankakee, IL Train Wreck, Oct 1893
Long Island, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1893
Mount Vernon, NY Gas Main Accident, Apr 1904
Chicago, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1912
Minneapolis, MN Carriage Repository Fire, Feb 1905
Hoisington, KS Flood, Aug 1927
Knoxville, PA Street Car Wreck, Dec 1917
Wyandotte County, KS Tornado, May 1961
Lexington, KY Street Car - Auto Wreck, Dec 1917
Edgerton, IN Tornado, Mar 1920
Chicago, IL Armour & Co Lard Refinery Fire, May 1907
Pontiac, IL Train Wreck, Dec 1897
Racine, WI multiple building fire, Dec 1909
Racine, WI wagon works fire, Feb 1885
Areas Of IL and MO, Brush Fires, Nov 1867
Buffalo, NY Tornado And Storm Damage, Apr 1855
Carmichaels, PA Robena Coal Mine Explosion, Dec 1962
Fort Worth, TX Trolley - Wagon Wreck, Sept 1913
Chicago, IL Champlain Disaster, Jun 1887
Alhambra, IL Boys Save Train from Burning Bridge, Jul 1903
Chicopee, KS Mount Carmel Co. Mine Explosion, Jan 1897
Great Bend, KS Flood, Apr-May 1942
Off Aurora, IN Steamer PAT ROGERS Burned, Aug 1874
Reading, MA Destructive Tornado, Aug 1857
Quincy and Degraff, IL Fearful Tornado, June 1872
Herrin, IL Mine Explosion, Dec 1909
Romeo, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1905
Fort Worth, TX Fatal Gasoline Explosion, Jan 1912
Caseyville, KY Flood, Apr 1913
Chicago, IL Beef Storage Company Invisible Fire, Jan 1905
Columbus, OH Gas Explosion, May 1958
Paducah, KY Train Wreck, Dec 1911
Winfield, KS Walnut River Flood, May 1961
Chicago, IL Fire, Oct 1857
Steiger, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1905
Pickneyville, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1910
Aurora, NY Wells College Fire, Feb 1925
Nantucket, MA Ocean Liner Florida Crash, Jan 1909
Beaumont, TX Storm, Feb 1894
Somerville, MA Train Wreck, Dec 1910
Onawa, ME Train Wreck, Dec 1919
Fitchburg, MA Train Wreck, Nov 1912
Middlebury, VT Cannon Explosion, Jul 1894
Bonham, TX Area Tornado, Apr 1919
Trenton, TX Tornado, Apr 1919
Atlanta, GA Fire, Dec 1907
Guthrie, OK Flood, May 1908
Atlanta, GA Fire, Dec 1902
Handley, TX Storm, Apr 1919
San Francisco, CA earthquake, Mar 1856
San Angelo, TX roundhouse fire, Oct 1912
Dallas, TX motorcycle accident, Oct 1912
McKinney, TX interurban train wreck, Oct 1912
Off Two Rivers, WI Steamer Sinks In Lake Michigan, Oct 1887
Cairo, IL Explosion Of The Steamer BEN LEWIS, June 1860
Louisville, KY Tornado Deals Death And Ruin, Aug 1854
Paxton, Holden, West Boyleston, MA Tornado Damage, June 1871
Macksville, IN Tornado Damages Towns, May 1873
Brownsville, Bagdad and Brazos, TX Hurricane Destruction, Nov 1867
Pendleton, TX Tornado, Apr 1927
Dallas, TX Liquid Carbonic Explosion, Apr 1919
Alford, TX Tornado, Apr 1912
Blue Ridge, TX Tornado 1919
Jamestown, ND Drowning, Jun 1909
Beach, ND Drowning, Jun 1909
Lisbon, ND Train Accident, Feb 1906
Grand Forks, ND Train Accident, Feb 1906
Augusta, ME Opera House Block Fire, Jul 1896
Clinton, ME Croquet Factory Fire, Apr 1880
Clinton, ME Fire, Dec 1894
Waterville, ME Fire, Oct 1917
Portland, ME City Hall Fire, Jan 1908
Grindstone, ME Hotel Fire, Dec 1896
Philadelphia, PA Destructive Tornado, Apr 1856
Five Points, PA Dreadful Mining Accident, Aug 1855
Kensington, PA Boating Accident, July 1880
Santee-Sioux Reservation, NE Tornado Destruction, June 1870
Shawneetown, IL Steamer JAMES JACKSON Explodes Sep 1851
Mount Holly, NJ Terrible Tornado, Sep 1866
Marion, IA Tornado And Hail Storm Damage, Aug 1867
Lower Potomac River, MD Steamer TULIP Explodes, Dec 1864
Cross Plains, TX House Fire, Oct 1912
Woodsville, NH Train Wreck, Jul 1897
Asbury Park, NJ Trolley Accident, Jul 1894
Brooklyn, NY Policeman Drowns, Jul 1894
Orangeburgh, SC Devestating Tornado, May 1861
Several Towns, IL Tornado And Storm Damage, July 1861
Rochester, NY Great Tornado Destruction, May 1866
Old Town, ME Train Wreck, Jan 1898
Quincy and DeGraff, OH Tornado Death And Destruction, June 1872
Ardmore, OK Gasoline Explosion, Sept 1915
Hollister, OK Lightning Strike, Jun 1928
Perry, OK Flood, May 1902
Pawnee, OK Flood, May-Jun 1908
Pulaski, TN Fearful Tornado Damage, Jan 1866
St. George, ON Train Plunges Through Bridge, Feb 1889
Grandview, TX Fire, Mar 1920
Liberty Hill, TX Fire, Dec 1903
Newsome, TX Tornado, Apr 1918
Lakehurst, NJ HINDENBERG Disaster, May 1937
Florence, AL Destructive Tornado, Mar 1854
Melrose, TX Destruction Of Life And Property, Apr 1854
Clarke County, MS Tornado Hits Plantations, May 1866
Jasper County, MS Tornado Destruction, Nov 1858
Plaquemines Parish, LA Fierce Tornado Destruction, May 1873
Littleton, IL Destructive Tornado In Small Town, Nov 1856
Eccles, WV Terrible Coal Mine Disaster, Apr 1914
Centralia, IL Coal Mine Disaster, Mar 1947
Etna, ME Train Wreck, Sept 1897
Orono, ME Paper Mill Explosion, Oct 1892
Fontanet, IN Powder Mill Explosion, Jan 1907
New York, NY Drowned While Swimming at Dyker Beach, Jun 1901
Berlin, VT Farmer Freezes to Roof, Jan 1907
Stark, ME Train Wreck, Dec 1854
Goodland, OH Fire, Feb 1874
Evansville, IN Ship Chandlery Fire, Feb 1874
Henryetta, OK Mine Flood, Apr 1927
Marietta, GA Fire, Dec 1906
Edmond, OK Tornado, May 1893
Bartlesville, OK Flood, Oct 1926
Dublin, GA Train Wreck, Apr 1910
Geneva, AL Flood, Mar 1929
Winnsboro, TX Tornado, Apr 1919
Durant, OK Tornado, Apr 1919
Bokoshe, OK Tornado, Apr 1927
Muskogee, OK Train Wreck, Aug 1926
Bristow, OK Train Wreck, Mar 1908
Kansas City, MO Walkways Collapse In Hyatt Hotel, July 1981
Beverly, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1892
Brooklyn, NY Yacht Caught in Tornado-like Storm, Jun 1904
Brooklyn, NY Cigarette Explosion, Aug 1901
Media, PA Fatal Cigar Smoking Accident, Dec 1909
Red Oak, IA Flood, Jun 1902
Odell, NE Lightning Strike During Commencement, Jun 1902
New England Storm, Jul 1904
New Jersey Tornado, Jun 1861
Durham, NH Train Wreck, Jan 1905
Bayou Goula, LA Steamer BRILLIANT Explodes, Sep 1851
Near Lakeville, CA Steamer PILOT Explodes, May 1883
Sunnyside, UT Gas Explosion In Mine, May 1945
Bellaire, OH Willow Grove Coal Mine Explosion, Mar 1940
Waterville, WI Tornado, Apr 1880
Racine, WI Boat Foundering, Oct 1872
Racine Junction, WI Train Wreck, Mar 1891
Pana, IL Destructive Tornado, June 1857
Sacramento, CA steamboat Belle explosion Feb 1856
Marissa, IL Fearful Tornado Damage, July 1870
Prestonsburg, KY School Bus Plunges Into Big Sandy River, Feb 1958
Worcester, MA Terrible Tornado Death And Damage, June 1953
Ketchikan, AK Clipper Airliner Crashes, Oct 1947
Spangler, PA Reilly Shaft No. 1 Mine Explosion, Nov 1922
MI "Great Thumb Fire," Sept 1881
South Park, CO Train Wreck, Oct 1888
Trinidad, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1908
Salida, CO Train Wreck, Mar 1912
New Castle, CO Train Wreck, Sept 1897
Aspen, CO Train Accident, Feb 1893
Arapahoe, CO Train Wreck, Oct 1918
Barela, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1890
Berthoud, CO Train Wreck, Jan 1890
Florence, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1902
Cottonwood, CO Train Wreck, Jul 1905
Hill Top, CO Train Wreck, Feb 1893
Byers, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1897
Denver, CO Street Car Wreck, Aug 1908
Denver, CO Trolley - Auto Wreck, Jan 1910
Dotsero, Co Train Wreck, Jan 1909
Eden, CO Train Disaster, Aug 1904
Dodgeville, RI Railroad Accident, Sep 1851
Greeley, CO Circus Train Wreck, Aug 1884
Husted, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1909
Ivanhoe, CO Train Wreck, Feb 1896
Leadville, CO Train Wreck, Mar 1893
Various Towns, PA Tornado and Storm Damage, July 1853
Hoboken, NJ Tornado Damages Piers, July 1873
Georgetown, CO Tornado Destroys Part Of City, Nov 1869
Embden, ME Tornado Damages Small Towns, June 1859
Gulf Coast, MS Hurricane CAMILLE Eyes Coast, Aug 1969
Glen Rogers, WV Coal Mine Explosion Traps Miners, Nov 1923
Brandon, OH Tornado Ravages Ohio Towns, Jan 1854
Various Towns in Northwest WI, Terrible Tornado, June 1958
Galesburg, KS Tornado Damage, July 1873
Salt Lake City, UT Airliner Crashes Into Great Salt Lake, Jan 1963
Man, WV Slate Fall Kills Three Miners, Aug 1968
Los Angeles, CA Commuter Helicopter Crashes, Aug 1968
Memphis, TN Plane Crashes Into Mississippi River, Feb 1944
Near Concord, CA Airliner Crashes East Of San Francisco, May 1964
Boston, MA Trainman Killed by Train on 80th Birthday, Jan 1907
Derby, CT Train Wreck, Apr 1908
Clarendon, AR Boat Explosion, May 1908
AR Tornado, Mar 1909
Brinkley, AR Tornado & Fire, Mar 1909
Hot Springs, AR Flood & Fire, May 1923
Hartman, AR Fire, Nov 1890
Hope, AR Train Wreck, Mar 1893
Fayetteville, AR Train Wreck, Jan 1892
Brinkley, AR Train Wreck, Nov 1908
Texarkana, AR Tornado, Jul 1882
Quitman, AR Tornado, Apr 1892
Osceola, AR Tornado, Sept 1872
Pawlenville, NY Lightning Strikes School House, June 1872
Various Towns, MO Tornado Damage, May 1858
Chesterfield County, VA Terrible Hail Storm Damage, May 1858
Lubbock, TX Devestating Tornado Rips City, May 1970
Howe and Richeart (Richards), OK Tornado Destruction, May 1961
Near Waco, TX Two Buses In Head-On Collision, Aug 1952
Dover, NH Cocheco Manufacturing Co Fire, Jan 1907
Springville, PA Tornado and Storms In Pennsylvania, July 1871
Shipman, IL Hailstorm and Tornado Visit Town, June 1869
St. Louis, MO Terrific Tornado In St. Louis, Mar 1872
St. Joseph, MO Storm And Tornado Destruction, July 1873
Cadiz, OH Terrible Mine Explosion, Nov 1940
Millfield, OH Deadly Mine Explosion, Nov 1930
Parnassus, PA Valley Camp Coal Company Mine Explosion, Mar 1929
Baton Rouge, LA Tornado Sweeps Over Town, May 1871
Middlesex County, MA Frightful Tornado. Aug 1857
Rock Island and Davenport, IA Tornado Destruction, July 1854
Oswego County, NY Destructive Tornado, Aug 1868
St. Catharine's, ON Tornado Kills Three People, Sep 1898
San Antonio, TX Terrible Hailstorm Damage, May 1868
Leavenworth, IN Destructive Tornado, May 1852
Jacksonville, IL Tornado Destruction, Aug 1872
Eastman, QB Bus Plunges Into Lake Drowning Forty-One, Aug 1978
Cerritos, CA Jetliner Collides With Single-Engine Plane, Aug 1986
Sioux City, IA Disabled Jet Crashes On Emergency Landing, July 1989
Cold Springs, WY Forest Fire, Aug 1924
Cody, WY Forest Fires, Aug 1937
Casper, WY Flood, Jul 1891
Edson, WY Train Wreck, Jan 1888
Borie, WY Train Wreck, Nov 1908
Wilmington, DE Trolley Wreck, May 1901
Wilmington, DE Dupont Powder Mill Exploson, Aug 1857
Wilmington, DE Jessup & Moore Paper Co Explosion, Aug 1902
Wilmington, DE Dupont Powder Company Explosion, Aug 1915
Wilmington, DE Dupont Powder Company Explosion, Dec 1915
Wilmington, DE Dupont Powder Plant Explosion, Mar 1917
Seaford, DE Fire, Aug 1900
Wilmington, DE Tornado, Apr 1856
Millsboro, DE Train Accident, Dec 1917
Delmar, DE Train Wreck, Feb 1909
Wilmington, DE Sled Accident, Feb 1912
Laurel, DE Auto Accident, Dec 1919
Point Lookout, MD Tornado Forms On Potomac River, Aug 1864

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