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Disaster articles added Jun 15-19

New disasters articles added Jun 15 - 19:

Dumas, TX Oil Tank Farm Explosion, July 1956
Oshkosh, WI Fatal House Fire, Aug 1908
Pierre, SD Flood, Apr 1952
Gresham, OR Woodcutter Injured by Falling Tree, Jan 1912
Ithaca, NY Dormitory Fire At Cornell University, April 1967
Mulvane, KS Fire, Apr 1893
Weiser, ID Train Accident, Sept 1904
Hailey, ID North Star Mine Snowslide, Feb 1917
Soda Springs, ID Train Wreck, Nov 1913
Fairview, ID Train Wreck, Nov 1917
Boise, ID Odd Fellows Block Basement Fire, Oct 1899
Harrison, ID Cameron Lumber Company Fire, Aug 1902
Wallace, ID Forest Fire, Aug 1910
Lincoln, NE Train Wreck, Aug 1894
Kilgore, NE Train Wreck, Aug 1908
Hyannis, NE Train Wreck, May 1902
Gibson, NE Train Wreck, Oct 1889
Aurora, NE Train Accident, Aug 1910
Agnew, NE Street Car Accident, Aug 1910
Long Island, NY train wrecks, Jul 1897
Butler, PA oil company fire, Jun 1907
Brooklyn, NY elevated train wreck, Jul 1919
Janesville, WI fire, Mar 1877
Janesville, WI fire, Feb 1895
Janesville, WI fire, Feb 1874
Janesville, WI fire, Mar 1887
Boston, MA Restaurant And Armory Fire, Nov 1942
Omaha, NE Eagle Hotel Burns, Jan 1965
Bellefonte, PA High School Fire, Feb 1939
Dalton, GA Business Block Fire, Apr 1911
Atlanta, GA Terminal Hotel Fire, May 1938
Atlanta, GA Simon's Store Fire, Mar 1910
Atlanta, GA Piedmont Stables Fire, May 1908
Atlanta, GA Whitehall Street Fire, Aug 1919
San Francisco, CA Hotel Block Destroyed, Nov 1898
Kingsland, IN Terrible Interurban Accident, Sep 1910
Aurora, IL School Fire, Nov 1906
Decatur, IL Commercial District Fire, Aug 1909
Philadelphia, PA Leather Works Factory Destroyed, Dec 1910
Atlanta, GA Two Business Blocks Burn, May 1908
Hot Springs, AR Famous Hotel Burns, Apr 1923
Utica, NY Glass Factory Fire, May 1909
Lyons, GA Toombs County Courthouse Fire, Nov 1917
Jefferson City, MO Cole County Courthouse Fire, Mar 1918
Owosso, MI Train Accident, Sept 1911
Oklahoma City, OK City Hall Fire, Mar 1917
Pittsburgh, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1911
Porterville, WI Train - Auto Accident, Aug 1908
Hollidaysburg, PA Court House Fire, Mar 1917
Detroit, MI Street Car Accident, Aug 1908
Barnesboro, PA School House Burns, Mar 1909
Eastport, NY School Fire, April 1931
Bellows Falls, VT Fire Rages Downtown, Mar 1912
Cape May, NJ Hotel Mount Vernon Fire, Sep 1856
Bellefonte, PA County Prison Fire, Jan 1959
Portland, ME Fire, Jul 1866
Eureka, WI Drowning, Aug 1908
Thunderbolt, GA Drowning Rescue, Jul 1908
Blissfield, MI Hathaways Sawmill Boiler Explosion, Jan 1893
Gibson, NY Train Wreck, Jul 1912
New York, NY Hudson Street Fire, Jan 1860
Fort Wayne, IN Fatal Gasoline Accident, Mar 1917
McCainsville, NJ Atlantic Dynamite Co Explosion, Jul 1886
Blocton, AL Train Wreck, Nov 1901
Weatherford, TX Fire, Jul 1909
Charlotte, NC Auto Accident, Jan 1907
Long Island, NY Amateur Aviator Crashes at Air Meet, Sept 1911
Great Falls, MT Train Accident, Sept 1911
Dyersburg, TN Area Tornado, Mar 1952
England, AR Tornado, Mar 1952
Chicago, IL Terrible Stockyard Plant Fire, Dec 1910
Wheeling, WV Truck Accident Kills Two in Wedding Party, Jan 1912
Romeoville, IL Refinery Explosions, July 1984
Dallas, TX Simmons Bedding Plant Fire, May 1943
Burkburnett, TX Drowned While Bathing in Tank, Jun 1925
Dallas, TX Three Hurt in Auto Wreck, Jun 1925
Omaha, NE Grand Central Hotel Fire, Sep 1878
McBee, SC Military Plane Crash Kills Flier, May 1943
St. Louis, MO Christian Brothers College Fire, Oct 1916
Carpentersville IL School House Fire, Feb 1917
Omaha, NE Millard Hotel Blaze Fireman Perish, Feb 1933
Rockport, WA Fire Destroys Hotel, Sept 1952
Brandtsville, PA Train Cars Explode At Wreck Site, April 1963
Winnipeg, MN Six-Story Warehouse Building Blaze, Feb 1958
Fremont, NE Hotel Explosion Caused By Gas, Jan 1976
Kingstree, SC Main Street Fire, Dec. 1910
Rockton, SC Depot Fire, June 1898
New York City, NY Tenement Fire Kills Six, May 1908
Lubec, ME High School Fire, Nov 1913
Minneapolis, MN Fire Destroys West Hotel, Jan 1906
Halifax, NS Hotel Fire Kills Two Score, Mar 1939
Fort Worth, TX Broadway Baptist Church Ceiling Falls During Wedding, Oct 1912
Albany, GA Flood, Mar 1913
Fort Wayne, IN Train Accident, Mar 1913
Summerfield, AL Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Mount Hood, OR Climber Killed in Fall, Sept 1943
Springfield, MA Armory Fire, Jul 1864
Westport, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1871
Oakland, CA Navy Plane Crash, May 1943
Brownwood, TX McDermott House Restaurant Fire, Jul 1909
Fall River, MA The Tug Herbert, Fatal Explosion, Jun 1877
Fall River, MA Fatal Boiler Explosion, Jan 1887
St. Hyacinthe, QB College Of The Sacred Heart Fire, Jan 1938
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