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New Indiana Disaster Articles ..... Just added at http://www.gendisasters.com
Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives....

Bedford, IN Train Wreck, Jun 1882
Brazil, IN Two Brothers Killed By Train, Oct 1901
Cass, IN Train Crash In Washout, June 1901
Coatesville, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1895
Crawfordsville, IN Train Derails Over 20 Foot Embankment, Jan 1892
Fort Wayne, IN Railroad Yard Accident, May 1899
Fort Wayne, IN Street Car Accident, Jul 1894
Fowler, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1907
Ft Wayne, IN Railroad Shop Accident, Aug 1902
Hammond, IN Train Wreck, Aug 1902
Hudson, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1861
Indianapolis, IN Train Accident, Apr 1891
Indianapolis, IN Train Accident, Mar 1902
Indianapolis, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1912
Lafayette, IN Train - Depot Wreck, May 1893
Morgantown, IN Train Wreck, Aug 1988
Muncie, IN Train - Automobile Wreck, May 1923
Osgood, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1860
Porter, IN Train Wreck, Feb 1921
Princeton, IN Train Wreck, Mar 1897
Warsaw, IN Train Wreck, Apr 1947
Washington, IN Train Wreck, Nov 1902
Clay City, IN Tornado, May 1883
Clay County, IN Tornado 1834
Clay County, IN Tornado, May 1860
Illinois and Indiana Tornado, Apr 1912
Jeffersonville, IN Tornado, Mar 1890
Terre Haute, IN Tornado, Mar 1913
Wayne County, IN Tornado, Jul 1824
Bicknell, IN Storm, Jul 1915
Evansville, IN St Boniface Catholic Church Lightning Strike and Fire, Mar 1902
Evansville, IN Storm and Flood, Jan 1907
Evansville, IN Storm, Jun 1909
Indiana Lightning Storms, Aug 1924
Indianapolis, IN Storm, Jul 1915
Indianapolis, IN Windstorm, Mar 1913
Terre Haute, IN Storm and Lighting, Jul 1915
Bowling Green, IN Sawmill Boiler Explosion, Jan 1908
Brazil, IN Central Iron and Steel Co Boiler Explosion Feb 1885
Brazil, IN Central Iron and Steel Co Boiler Explosion Jan 1888
Center Point, IN Dynamite Explosion, Mar 1908
Clay City, IN Boiler Explosion, May 1907
Clay County, IN Boiler Explosion, Mar 1864
Clay County, IN Dynamite Explosion, May 1893
Coalmont, IN United States Powder Co Explosion, Mar 1908
Gary, IN Illinois Steel Company Explosion, Jun 1926
Hardford, IN City Explosion Feb 1899
Howesville, IN Sawmill Boiler Explosion, Jun 1900
Indianapolis, IN Coliseum Explosion, Nov 1963
Marion, IN Seitz Hotel Explosion, Jan 1904
Saline City, IN Wilson Sawmill Explosion, Jun 1873
Terre Haute, IN Meat Packing Plant Explosion, Jan 1963
Angola, IN House Fire, May 1880
Bedford, IN Depot Fire, Aug 1902
Evansville, IN St Boniface Catholic Church Lightning Strike and Fire, Mar 1902
Fort Wayne, IN DeWald Dry Goods Fire, Dec 1899
Fort Wayne, IN House Fire, Mar 1890
Fountaintown, IN Nursing Home Fire Disaster, Dec 1964
Hardford, IN City Explosion Feb 1899
Hartford City, IN Briscoe Block Fire, Nov 1899
Hartford City, IN Glass Factory Fire, Mar 1903
Huntington, IN School Building Fire, May 1895
Indianapolis, IN National Surgical Institute Fire, Jan 1892
Indianapolis, IN St Vincents Hospital Fire, Apr 1904
Michigan City, IN Lumber Yard Fire Threatens Town, July 1913
Plymouth, IN Flour Mill Fire, Nov 1896
Waterloo, IN House Fire, Jun 1913
Winslow, IN Fire, Nov 1890

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