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Illinois Train Wrecks, Fires...

New Illinois Disaster Articles ..... Just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/
Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives....

Alto Pass, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1910
Alton, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1895
Alton, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1903
Antioch, IL Train Accident Sept 1912
Bensenville, IL Train Wreck, Nov 1919
Big Slough, IL Train Wreck, Jun 1908
Bunker Hill, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1857
Champaign, IL Streamliner Derailed, Apr 1947
Chatsworth, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1887
Chicago, IL Elevated Train Wreck, Feb 1977
Chicago, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1893
Chicago, IL Elevated Train Wreck, Nov 1936
Chicago, IL Hyde Park Train Wreck, Jan 1862
Chicago, IL Street Car - Gasoline Truck Wreck, May 1950
Chicago, IL Train - Snow Plow Wreck, Feb 1885
Chicago, IL Train - Trolley Accident, Jan 1893
Chicago, IL Trolley - Gas Truck Fire, Mar 1950
Crete, IL Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Dyersville, IL Train Wreck, Mar 1904
Edwardsville, IL Head-On Train Wreck, Mar 1929
Fenton, IL Storm and Train Wreck, Aug 1902
Geneva, IL Train - Auto Wreck, Jul 1912
Homewood, IL Train Accident, Dec 1891
Humboldt, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1902
Joliet, IL DuPage River Bridge Train Wreck, Mar 1857
Kent, IL Train Derailment, Jan 1893
Kinmundy, IL Train Rear End Collision, Jan 1912
Litchfield, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1904
Monmouth, IL Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Montgomery, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1964
Oakford, IL Tornado Causes Train Wreck, Jul 1904
Ottawa, IL Electric Car - Carriage Wreck, Sept 1908
Paxton, IL Train Wreck, Jun 1872
Quincy, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1879
South Chicago, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1889
Western Springs, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1912
Alsey, IL Tornado, May 1880
Alton, IL Tornado, Jun 1860
Alton, IL Tornado, May 1871
Avon, IL Tornado, Jun 1873
Champaign, IL Tornado, Jun 1902
Charleston, IL Tornado, Apr 1860
Clifton, TX Tornado, Apr 1908
Decatur, IL area Tornado, Jul 1915
Earlville, IL Tornado and Cloudburst, June 1890
Edinburg, IL Tornado, Apr 1880
Galva, IL Tornado Strikes Town, June 1892
Galva, IL area Tornado, Jun 1892
Golconda, IL Tornado, Mar 1890
Greenville, IL Tornado, Apr 1880
Illinois and Indiana Tornado, Apr 1912
Kankakee, IL Tornado, Apr 1860
Kappa, IL Tornado, May 1858
Lincoln, IL Tornado, Jun 1902
Little Prairie, IL Tornado, Mar 1890
Loraine, IL Tornado, Apr 1880
Manhattan, IL Tornado, May 1917
McLean County, IL Tornado, Jun 1902
Merna, IL Tornado, Jun 1902
Morgan County, IL Tornado, May 1880
Mt Carmel, IL Tornado, Jun 1887
New Minden, IL Tornado, Jun 1907
Oak Crest, IL Tornado, Jul 1915
Olney, IL Tornado, Mar 1890
Oquawka, IL Tornado, May 1858
Pana, IL Tornado, Aug 1907
Pekin, IL Tornado, Jun 1911
Prophetstown, IL Tornado, Apr 1890
Quincy, IL Tornado, Apr 1880
Wapella, IL Tornado, Jun 1902
Woodford County, IL Tornado, Oct 1875
Woodlawn, IL Tornado, May 1883
York, IL Tornado, Jun 1909
Alton, IL Steamer Geneva Wreck, Dec 1852
Chicago, IL Excursion Steamer Favorite Capsizes, Jul 1927
Hamburg, IL Steamboat Edward Bates Disaster, Aug 1848
Pekin, IL Excursion Steamer Columbia Sinking, Jul 1918
Peoria, IL Storm -- Ships Capsized, July 1892
Waukegan, IL Steamer Lady Elgin Wreck, Sept 1860
Wolf Island, IL Steamer Ohio Boiler Explosion, May 1893
Alton, IL Fire, Oct 1901
Alton, IL Stanard Mill Fire, Oct 1901
Alton, IL Wooden Ware Works Fire, Apr 1868
Chicago, IL Alhambra Theatre and Hotel Fire, Feb 1904
Chicago, IL Factory Explosion and Fire, Apr 1953
Chicago, IL Fire Destroys Building at World's Fair, July 1893
Chicago, IL Fireworks Factory Explosion, June 1897
Chicago, IL Iroquois Theater Fire Panic Disaster, Dec 1903
Chicago, IL Sanitarium Fire Disaster, June 1902
Chicago, IL Knickerbocker Shirt Co Fire, Dec 1897
Chicago, IL Liebman and Sons Clothing Store Fire, Dec 1869
Chicago, IL Lightning and Fire, Jul 1900
Chicago, IL Murphys Grocery Fire, Aug 1878
Chicago, IL Our Lady of the Angels School Fire, Dec 1958
Chicago, IL Peabody Coal Co Fire Oct 1901
Chicago, IL Senate Hotel Fire, Aug 1893
Chicago, IL University of Chicago Fire, Dec 1897
Decatur, IL Barn Fire, Aug 1913
Decatur, IL Fire Horses, 1904 ~ What Becomes of a Retired Fire Horse?
Edwardsville, IL Leland Hotel Fire, Mar 1905
Quincy, IL Depot Fire, Aug 1869
Schiller Park, IL Soo Line Hotel Fire, May 1923
Springfield, IL St Nicholas Hotel Fire, Jan 1873
Chicago, IL Coliseum Collapse, Aug 1899
Rockford, IL Winnebago County Court House Collapse, May 1877
Decatur, IL Bicycle Accident, Jun 1901
Decatur, IL Scaffold Accident, Jun 1901
Elgin, IL Grandstand Collapse, Aug 1911
Palatine, IL Asphyxiation, Nov 1919
Chicago, IL Airplane Crash, Dec 1972
Chicago, IL Airplane Crash, Dec 1978
Chicago, IL Goodyear Blimp Falls into Building, Jul 1919
Chicago, IL O'Hare Airport Jet Crash, Sept 1961
Hinsdale, IL Plane Crash, Sept 1961
Mattoon, IL Balloon Accident, Oct 1907
Maywood, IL Army Airplane Crash, Aug 1925
Toulon, IL Balloon Accident, Oct 1907

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