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Massachusetts Fires, Train Wrecks, Ship Wrecks ...

New Massachusetts Disaster Articles ..... Just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/
Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives....

Ashburnham, MA Leather Tannery Fire, Mar 1882
Assonet, MA Tack Factory Fire, Apr 1874
Barnstead Centre, MA Shoe Factory Fire, Mar 1822
Boston, MA Central Wharf Fire, Apr 1907
Boston, MA Chapel-place Building Fire, Dec 1869
Boston, MA Cotton Mill Fire, Jun 1882
Boston, MA Fire, Mar 1882
Boston, MA Fire, Nov 1853
Boston, MA Fire, Nov 1889
Boston, MA Franklin Square House Hotel Fire, Feb 1904
Boston, MA Planing Mill Fire, May 1873
Buzzards Bay, MA Jefferson Residence Fire, Apr 1893
Cambridege, MA Printing Co Fire, Apr 1858
Cambridgeport, MA Carriage Factory Fire, Oct 1893
Charlestown, MA Fire, Dec 1866
Concord, MA Ralph Waldo Emerson Home Fire, Jul 1872
Cummington, MA Reed House Fire, May 1858
East Northfield, MA Mt Hermon School for Boys Crossley Hall School Fire, Jan 1911
East Pepperell, MA Fire, Oct 1890
Fayville, MA Shoe Factory Fire, Mar 1896
Fitchburg, MA Boiler and Engine House Fire, Jan 1893
Fitchburg, MA Child Playing With Matches Fire, Jun 1923
Fitchburg, MA Elder House Fire, May 1908
Fitchburg, MA Fosters Block Fire, Jan 1893
Fitchburg, MA Mechanic Street Fire, Feb 1904
Glouster, MA Pebbley Beach House Fire, May 1884
Greenbush, MA Barn Fire, Aug 1882
Haverhill, MA Lumber Fire, Feb 1903
Holyoke, MA Ingleside Resort Fire, Jul 1875
Lowell, MA Fire, Nov 1860
Lynn, MA Fire, Nov 1889
Malden, MA Train Fire, Jan 1911
Marblehead, MA Fire, Jun 1877
Methuen, MA Cotton Mills Fire, May 1895
Milford, MA Barn Fire, Dec 1867
Milford, MA Block Fire, Jan 1871
Milford, MA Block Fire, Mar 1890
Milford, MA Lightning and Dry Goods Store Fire, Aug 1887
Milford, MA Underwoods Boot Manufactory Fire, Apr 1868
Millville, MA Bridge Fire, May 1896
North Adams, MA House Fire, Oct 1898
North Adams, MA Richmond Hotel Fire, Feb 1907
Northampton, MA Woolen Factory Fire, Feb 1823
Palmer, MA Hotel Fire, Aug 1891
Pawtucket, MA Fire, Apr 1853
Revere, MA Beachmont Fire, Mar 1899
Salem, MA Cotton Factory Fire, Jun 1822
South Hadley, MA Mount Holyoke College Main Building Fire, Sept 1896
Springfield, MA Mount Holyoke College Fire, Sept 1896
Westfield, MA Apartment Fire, Jan 1952
Westfield, MA Dorman House Fire, Feb 1930
Winthrop, MA Pauline Street Grammar School, Jan 1907
Worcester, MA Fire, Jun 1854
Worcester, MA Grist Mill Struck by Lightning, Aug 1887
Worcester, MA Plant Fire, Apr 1896
Attleboro, MA Train Accident, Sept 1895
Belmont, MA Train Accident, Mar 1936
Boston, MA Mystic River Bridge Accident, Apr 1870
Boston, MA Terrible Train Wreck At Bussey Bridge, Mar 1887
Boston, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1890
Danvers, MA Train Accident, Jul 1854
East Brookfield, MA Train Wreck, Sept 1904
East Brookfield, MA Train Wreck, Sept 1904
Fitchburg, MA Trolley Car Accident, Dec 1895
Gardner, MA Train Wreck, Feb 1893
Great Barrington, MA Trolley Wreck, May 1903
Greenfield, MA Train Wreck Apr 1886
Haverhill, MA Train Wreck, Jan 1888
Hyde Park, MA Rear End Train Collision, Oct 1895
Hyde Park, MA Train Wreck, Oct 1895
Lancaster, MA Train Wreck, Sept 1889
Malden, MA Train Fire, Jan 1911
Meaders Bridge, MA Railroad Accident, Nov 1853
Milford, MA Train Wreck, Feb 1916
North Adams, MA Hoosac Tunnel Train Wreck, Feb 1912
North Adams, MA Train Accident, Sept 1895
Revere, MA Train Wreck, Mar 1897
Springfield, MA Train Wreck, Aug 1878
Taunton, MA Train Wreck, May 1853
Worcester, MA Train Wreck, Nov 1883
Acton, MA Powder Mill Explosion, May 1895
Attleboro, MA Chemical Plant Explosion, Jan 1964
Boston, MA 'Molasses Flood' Tank Explosion, Jan 1919
Clinton, MA Waterworks Aqueduct Explosion, Sept 1896
Malden, MA Gaslight Co Explosion, Jan 1895
Melrose, MA Terrible Street Car Accident, Sep 1904
City Point, MA Drownings, Jun 1896
Salisbury Point, MA Drownings, Jul 1912
Springfield, MA Connecticut River Drowning, Jun 1882
Amesbury, MA Schooner Florida Wreck, Feb 1896
Boston, MA Bark Wild Hunter Fire, Jun 1882
Boston, MA Battleship Georgia Fire, Jul 1907
Boston, MA Schooner Mary Eliza Wreck, Feb 1895
Boston, MA Sloop Cragie Bridge Accident, Apr 1871
Boston, MA Steamer Twilight Steamboat Collision, Aug 1884
Boston, MA Steamship Lancaster Drawbridge Accident, Jan 1880
Fall River, MA Steamer Providence Fire, Mar 1908
Gloucester, MA Schooner Juliette Wreck, Jan 1889
Plum Island, MA Schooner Allianca Wreck, Feb 1896
Plum Island, MA Schooner Florida Wreck, Feb 1896
Providencetown, MA Schooner Pledge Wreck, Nov 1853
Vineyard Haven, MA Schooner Annie E Rudolph Sinking, May 1897
Arlington, MA Tornado, Aug 1851
Arlington, MA Tornado, Aug 1871
Massachusetts Tornado, Aug 1851
Tewksbury, MA Tornado, Aug 1857

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Warren said...

What about the November 8, 1916 disaster when the street car went through the drawbridge and dropped into fort point channel killing 50?