Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pennsylvania Disasters

Pennsylvania Train Wrecks, Fires, and other disasters - just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/

Youngwood, PA Train Wreck, Apr 1907
Ohiopyle, PA Stable Fire, May 1907
Irwin, PA Flood, Jun 1907
Pittsburgh, PA Lightning Strike, Jun 1907
Clymer, PA Store Fire, Jun 1906
New Oxford, PA Wagon Accident, Oct 1910
Pittston, PA Seneca Breaker Mine Accident, Aug 1896
Pottstown, PA Train Accident, Jan 1909
Olymphant, PA Eddy Creek Mine Accident, Apr 1896
Wilkes-Barre, PA Kingston Coal Mine Accident, Jun 1896
Plymouth, PA Mine No. 11 Explosion, Oct 1892
Ashland, PA Merrian Mine Accident, Aug 1896
Fredericktown, PA Vesta Mine Accident, Feb 1913
Leisenring, PA Vesta Coal Co Mine Accident, Feb 1913
Plymouth, PA Washington Mine Powder Explosion, Aug 1896
Avoca, PA Law Mine Boiler Explosion, Jan 1896
Tamaqua, PA Mine Accident, May 1896
Madera, PA Flood, Mar 1936
Ernest, PA Mine Accident, Oct 1936
Lovejoy, PA Skating Rink and Store Fire, Jan 1909
DuBois, PA Tenement House Collapse, Sept 1920
Mount Pleasant, PA Gas Explosion, Jul 1880
Pottsville, PA Keely Run Mine Accident, Jul 1880
Hazleton, PA Stockton Mine Explosion, Jun 1893
Guffey Station, PA Wagon Explosion, Jun 1893
Monessen, PA Auto Accidents, Aug 1960
Altoona, PA Mining Car Train Wreck, Jul 1906
Philadelphia, PA Cherry Street Explosion, Apr 1864
Webster, PA Auto Accident, Aug 1917
Fayette City, PA Train Accident, Aug 1917
Ohiopyle, PA Train Accident, May 1907
Greenville, PA Rolling Mill Accident, Oct 1891
Scranton PA Exchange Block Fire, Jan 1877
Corry, PA Circus Tent Collapse, May 1909
Canonsburg, PA Delivery Wagon Accident, Jul 1910
Ford City, PA Trolley Car Kills 3-year-old, Jul 1910
Philadelphia, PA Airliner Crashes In Philadelphia, Jan 1951
Bellwood, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1887
Philadelphia, PA Gold Fish Put Out Building Fire, Nov 1901
Bristol, PA House Fire, Jan 1910
Harrisburg, PA Train Wreck, May 1857
Wilkinsburg, PA Train Accident, Jan 1914
Pittsburgh, PA Home For Aged Disastrous Fire, July 1931
Pittsburgh, PA Boiler Explosion, Jul 1880
Wilkes-Barre, PA Fell Over Fence, Aug 1901
Fairfield, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1860
Rochester, PA Fatal Business and Dwelling Fire, Apr 1891
Pittsburgh, PA Dog Saves Family From Fire, Feb 1925
Turtle Creek, PA Flood, Jun 1894
Chambersburg, PA Wilson College Fire, 1895
Connellsville, PA Electricity Accident, Mar 1913
Steelton, PA Train Derails Down Embankment, July 1962
Scranton, PA Crystal Lake Drowning Rescue, Aug 1911
Philadelphia, PA Explosion On Tank Steamer, June 1890
Williamsport, PA Storm, Jan 1889
Williamsport, PA Flood, Jun 1889
Williamsport, PA Drowning, May 1884
McCann's Crossing, PA Circus Train Wrecked by Broken Axle, May 1893
Near Erie, PA Three-Train Collision, Mar 1953
Willow Grove, PA Train Wreck, Jul 1902

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