Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New York Disasters

New York Train Wrecks, Fires, and other disasters - just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/

New York, NY Restaurant Boiler Explosion, Feb 1901
New York, NY Dies from Leopard Bites, Jan 1910
Schenectady, NY Big Top Circus Fire, May 1910
Coney Island, NY Lightning Strike Fells Thirty, July 1905
New York City, NY Plane Crashes On Rikers Island, Feb 1957
Syracuse, NY Bicycle Accident, Jun 1901
Oneida, NY Bicycle Accident, Jun 1901
Gulfport, NY Train - Auto Wreck, Dec 1929
Fenton, NY Billy Martin Dies In Auto Accident, Dec 1989
Belfast, NY Tornado, July 1838
Ward, NY Tornado, July 1838
New York City, NY Plane Crashes Into East River, Feb 1959
Oswego, NY Eagle Hotel Fire, Jun 1899
Off Gloucester, MA Bomber Crashes Off Coast, Feb 1957
Amagansett, NY Training Jet Liner Crashes, Jan 1961
New York, NY Terminal Warehouse Fire, May 1902
Avoca, NY Wreck on the Erie R. R. Kills Frank Maynard, Jan 1888
Long Island, NY Airplane Lands on Nose in Apple Orchard, May 1930
Jamestown, NY Terrible Business Fire, Mar 1910
New York City, NY Factory Fire In Fourth Floor, Mar 1958
New York City, NY Ireland Building Collapse, Aug 1895
New York City, NY Fireworks Explosion at Madison Square, Nov 1902
New York, NY Columbus Gas Fixture Fire, Oct 1907
Gloversville, NY Train Wreck, Jul 1902
New York, NY Darlington Hotel Collapse, Feb 1904
Old Forge, NY Drowning Rescue, Sept 1895
Utica, NY Steamer 'Hon. Titus Sheard' Explosion, June 1896
Ronkonkoma, NY Air Liner Crash, Apr 1955
Marathon, NY Large Fire Destroys Business Block, Sep 1884

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