Sunday, August 5, 2007

Delaware Explosions and other disasters

Delaware Explosions and other disasters on line at

Delmar, Delaware Train Wreck Feb 1909

Surnames: Ashansopilos, Barnes, Brockway, Cockran, Davis, McCready, Perry, Wilhelm, Wood

Wilmington, Delaware Dupont Powder Company Explosion Dec 1915 updated

Surnames: Baird, Barber, Booker, Bricotti, Cumpston, Davis, Egner, Elliott, Fisher, Fox, Gennett, Haber, Hanrahan, Jeffrey, Kelcher, King, Mace, Malloy, Meredith, Newgate, O'Connor, Oliver, Place, Pleasanton, Sikes, Simpson, Smack, Springfield, Sylvesti, Thaxter, Timmons, Ware, Wein

Wilmington, Delaware Dupont Powder Mill Explosion Aug 1857

Surnames: Dougherty, Dupont, Fisher, Hurst, McClafferty, Vacke

Wilmington, Delaware Jessup & Moore Paper Company Explosion Aug 1902

Surnames: Burke, Collins, Doudly, Durham, Harris, Henry, Hutton, Jester,
Lumbacher, McCormick, Mousley, Nagle, Ruth, Scott, Stokes, Sweeney, Waters

Wilmington, Delaware Trolley Wreck May 1901

Surnames: Gillman, Jones

Wilmington, Delaware Tornado Apr 1856
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