Sunday, August 5, 2007

Connecticut Train Wrecks, Floods & Other Disasters

Connecticut Floods, Fires and other disasters - just added at

Bristol, Connecticut Flood & Bridge Collapse Feb 1896

Surnames: Barry, Castelani, Curry, Edwards, Mack, McCarthy, McCarty, O'Brien, Ricci, Rich

Harrison's Landing, Connecticut Train Wreck Oct 1892

Surnames: Gillen, Hiner, McKenna, Moore

Hartford, Connecticut Hartford Hospital Fire Dec 1961

Surnames: Agogliati, Coniglione, Conover, Daly, Dunne, Fainter, Greenleaf, Hatch, Hamilton, Hedenstad, Lapenta, Lee, Mascaro, Pape, Siegel, Shaw, Sprague, Ward, Winger

New Haven, Connecticut Dann & Brothers' Coach Factory Boiler Explosion Nov 1860

Surnames: Baldwin, Kane, Rice, VanRiper, DeWolf

Norwalk, Connecticut Drawbridge Train Wreck May 1853

Surnames: Adaley, Adley, Beach, Barr, Bacon, Barlett, Barton, Benson, Browne, Bemis, Burky, Castle, Clark, Clarke, Couda, Curtis, Carrigan, Colbath, Desaugne, Dimmock, Deseque, Dwight, Davies, Day, Dresser, Elmer, Fisher, Francis, Fluent, French, Goss, Grant, Greene, Grey, Green, Griswold, Gilbert, Glan, Gould, Grinnell, Heath, Hodges, Holbrook, Hotchkiss, Hunt, Huntress, Hervey, Hutschinson, Hanna, Ingalis, Ives, Jengo, Judson, Kinsley, King, Luhrs, Long, Landy, McCarty, Macy, Mills, Murray, Morton, Moss, Maher, Mitchell, Newell, Newton, Nutting, Nevins, Oneken, Opedock, Pierson, Parkis, Parker, Pemeroy, Paine, Peabody, Palmer, Russell, Ranson, Robbins, Smith, Sayles, Strong, Stetson, Stewart, Spooner, Schmidt, Stackpole, Taylor,
Teabrook, Trotter, Vanderveer, Welch, White, Willard, Young

Waterbury, Connecticut Train Wreck Oct 1895

Surnames: Lusgoe, McCarron, McGuire, Thompson

Waterbury, Connecticut Flood Feb 1896

Surnames: Crawson

Westport - Saugatuck, Connecticut Train Wreck Oct 1912

Surnames: Brady, Clark, Gavit, Hamilton, Ransom, Tucker, Wheeler, unknown
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