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North Carolina, Train Wrecks and other disasters

New North Carolina Train Wreck, Fire and Other Disasters Articles - just added at

Altapass, North Carolina Explosion May 1907

Surnames: Costa, Fitzgerald, Ford, George, Hyder, John, Mahon, McCarty

Hamlet, North Carolina Train Wreck Jul 1911

Surnames: Albright, Allen, Austin, Bailes, Baly, Banes, Batiste, Bowen, Briggs, Bright, Brown, Buggs, Bumpass, Bumpus, Burton, Calley, Caly, Cameron, Cane, Carter, Colers, Cosart, Cox, Daniel, Daniels, Day, Dunham, Dunnican, Dunnigan, Eaton, Ewain, Faucet, Ford, Fowlkes, Gary, Goodlow, Green, Hackney, Hall, Harris, Haynes, Henderson, Hoke, Hollan, Holmes, Hubert, Hunter, Ingram, Johnson, Kezaw, Kinsman, Koonce, Landrum, Lawson, Leathers, Locklar, Locker, Lunsford, Malone, Martin, Mayhoe, McCiver, McCullough, McIver, McLoud, McRay, Mebane, Miller, Morton, Moten, Olive, Oliver, Page, Patterson, Peoples, Perry, Pierson, Powell, Roberson, Robinson, Royster, Sanford, Scarborough, Shanklin, Sharper, Simmons, Smith, Stewart, Stuart, Sutton, Taylor, Thompson, Trice, Tune, Walden, Waldon, Waller, Webb, Wentworth, Williamson, Winbush, Wommach, Wormack

Hamlet, North Carolina Train Wreck Jul 1906

Surnames: Bell, Birmingham, Boden, Bowen, Bundy, Byrd, Carter, Chapell, Dupree, Greg?an, Hill, Hunt, Jones, Land, Lea, Lewis, McFadren, McNair, McNall, Russell, Sanford

Huntersville, North Carolina Train Wreck Jul 1917

Surnames: Alexander, Banks, Cross, Curlee, Fisher, Frazier, Frederick, Head, Horne, Houston, Hovis, Hunter, Johnson, Kestler, Lanyoux, Orr, Ross, Shoaf, Sloan, Shepard, Smith, Springs, Taylor, Thomas, Walker, Watson

Lumberton, North Carolina Train Wreck Dec 1943

Surnames: Griffin, Sibley, Wood

Salisbury, North Carolina Train Wreck Aug 1884

Surnames: Albright, Smith, White

Washington, North Carolina Fire Jul 1911

Surnames: Kear, Mann, Morton

Wilmington, North Carolina Storm Sept 1906

Surname: Stedman
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