Thursday, March 1, 2007

Alabama Tornadoes and other disasters

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Acmar, Alabama Mine No. 6 Explosion Jul 1941

Surnames: Bond, Brown, Bryant, Connoco, Etheridge, Fritz, Green, Hays, Jinwright, Kuykendall, Nathan, Vann

Birmingham, Alabama Cahaba River Bridge Train Wreck Dec 1896

Surnames: Blount, Bolling, Booth, Bryson, Carney, Clark, Connell, Dustin, Eckels, Estimes, Fraser, Gallagher, Gardner, Handburry, Hoffer, Little, Martin, McGinnis, Phillips, Powell, Powers, Ray, Rowling, Spencer, Stewart, Streator, Thurston, Walker, Webb, White

Cherokee County, Alabama Tornado Apr 1903

Surnames: Bishop, Smith

Darlington, Alabama Tornado Mar 1902

Surnames: Bolon, Daniel, Giero, Mitchell, Salter, Shepard, Trexel

Pell City, Alabama Depot Explosion Nov 1902

Surnames: Alsabrooke, Boke, Burte, Conklin, Cornell, Cornett, Crooley, Crowley, Fite, Griffin, Hall, Hawley, Hightower, Hoecake, Jackson, Pike, Seaborn, Sinclair, Spears, St. Clair, Tilden, Tilton, White, Whitfield

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