Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Colorado Train Wrecks, Explosions and other disasters

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Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives....

Aspen, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1889
Bailey Station, CO Train Wreck, May 1889
Boulder, CO Street Car - Buggy Accident, Jun 1913
Cameron, CO Train Wreck, Jul 1904
Cheraw, CO Train - Automobile Wreck, May 1914
Denver, CO Train Collision, Aug 1939
Denver, CO Train Wreck, Sept 1901
Eden, CO Train Wreck, Oct 1892
Evans, CO Train - School Bus Wreck, Dec 1961
Fountain, CO Train Wreck & Explosion, May 1888
Georgetown, CO Train Wreck, Feb 1885
Globeville, CO Collision Of Interurban Cars, Sep 1920
Granite, CO Train Plunges Into Arkansas River, Sep 1926
Jerome Park, CO Train Wreck, Apr 1890
Monument, CO Train Wreck, Jul 1895
Pando, CO Train Wreck, Sept 1915
Pueblo, CO Trolley Accident, Feb 1892
Salida, CO Train Wreck, Dec 1899
Tennessee Pass, CO Train Wreck, Jan 1902
Aguilar, CO Mine Explosion, May 1923
Buckskin Gulch, CO Dolly Varden Mine Explosion, Jun 1881
Como, CO Union Pacific Coal Mine Explosion, Jan 1893
Glenwood Springs, CO Sunshine Coal Mine Explosion, Sept 1897
Montrose, CO Gunnison Tunnel Cave In, May 1905
New Castle, CO Mine Explosion, Dec 1913
Trinidad, CO Mine Explosion, May 1923
Victor, CO Anna Lee Mine Cave In, Jan 1896
Aspen CO Fire, Apr 1890
Aspen, CO Fire, Aug 1895
Denver, CO Belmont Hotel Fire Fatal To Four, Sep. 1908
Denver, CO Gumry Hotel Explosion and Fire, Aug 1895
Denver, CO King Block Fire, Mar 1889
Denver, CO Union Depot Fire, Mar 1894
Manitou, CO Fire, Oct 1904
Norrie, CO Deeds House Fire, Sept 1897
Denver, CO Stunt Plane Crash, Jul 1923
Derby, CO Training Plane Crash, Dec 1951
Hague's Peak, CO Airplane Crash, Jun 1951
Longmont, CO Jet Explosion, Nov 1955
Silver Plume, CO Airplane Crash Kills Wichita State Football Players, Oct 1970
Loveland, CO Stove Explosion Aug 1924
Lyons, CO Gas Explosion, Dec 1905
Deadwood, CO Flood, May 1883
Marshall, CO Leaks In Dam Threaten Town, June 1921
Pueblo, CO Cloudbursts Cause Terrible Flooding, June 1921
Durango, CO Snow Slides, Jan 1886
Leadville, CO Snowslide, Jan 1916
CO Various Locations of Snow Slides, Feb 1897
Telluride, CO Devestating Snow Slides Kill Scores, Feb 1902

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Neal Fox said...

There is one historic disaster that happened in Durango, Colorado on June 25, 1987. An 18 wheeler truck slammed into an old locomotive with a Durango-Silverton train.

Unknown said...

A stock Railroad train of the Denver & Rio Grand RR co. derailed while going through the Unaweep Canyon (the Royal Gorge area of Colorado) in 1920. Not sure of the month but I believe either March or May.m My Great Uncle Glen Nelson Clute (he was the fireman) was killed along with the Train's engineer and brakeman