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New Disaster Articles Added Aug 5-7

New disaster Articles Added Aug 5-7 at
Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives

Philadelphia, PA fire engine - trolley accident, Dec 1908
Saint Louis, MO flour mill fire, Aug 1880
Parkville, MO Park College Fire, Apr 1907
Denver, CO biplane crash, Feb 1910
Winona, MN Tornado, Aug 1907
Frank, AB Landslide Disaster, Apr 1903
Battle Creek, MI Train Wreck, Oct 1893
University Place, NE Exploding Gasoline Causes House Fire, Jan 1912
Weleetka, OK Oil Fire, Mar 1921
Washington, IN Courthouse Fire, Oct 1891
Fontana, CA Kaiser Steel Mills Explosion, Dec 1942
Bloomington, IL Courthouse and Business Section Fire, Jun 1900
Taylor, TX Runaway Accident, Oct 1912
Texarkana, TX Kiln Fire, Oct 1912
Asheville, NC Scenery Falls on Actor, Jan 1907
Litchfield, IL Flour Mill Explosion, Mar 1893
Danville, IL Train - Auto Wreck, Jun 1916
Geneva, IL Courthouse Fire, Mar 1890
Dubuque, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1897
Montreal, QB Earthquake, Mar 1897
Champagne, IL Army Airplane Falls to Ground, Apr 1920
Orange, TX Shipyard Fire, Jan 1910
Alameda, CA Plane Crash, Apr 1936
Brooklyn, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1897
Buffalo, NY Steamer Atlantic Sinking, Aug 1852
Long Island, NY Long Beach Cottages Fire, Aug 1910
Port Arthur, ON Flood, May 1908
Toronto, ON Sturgeon Point Drownings, Aug 1880
Blacklick, PA Fatal Lightning Strike, Jun 1907
Chester, PA Boy Falls Under Train, Aug 1915
Philadelphia, PA Fairmount Park Dam Drowning Rescue, Apr 1916
Benjamin, TX Oil Rig Fire, May 1927
Corpus Christi, TX Fatal Navy Airplane Crash, Mar 1952
Paducah, TX Fatal Air Force Plane Crash, Mar 1952
Fort Worth, TX Street Car - Auto Wreck, May 1908
San Antonio, TX Breckenridge Place Fire, Aug 1884
Boscobel, WI Fatal Auto Wreck, Jan 1966
Dallas, TX Fatal House Fire, Jul 1946
Montreal, QB Orphanage Fire, Feb 1918
Bessemer, AL Sterling Dynamite Factory Explosion, Apr 1892
Mobile, AL The Great Magazine Explosion, May 1865
Pell City, AL Dynamite Explosion, Nov 1902
Littleton, AL Banner Mine Explosion, Apr 1911
Mobile, AL Fire, Oct 1890
Lawrenceville, IL Fire, Dec 1893
Revere, MA Beachmont Gardens Fire, Apr 1931
Birmingham, AL Cahaba River Bridge Train Wreck, May 1908
Atmore, AL Tornado, May 1908
Rogers Pass, BC Avalanche Disaster, Mar 1910
Scarboro, WV Coal Mine Explosion, May 1907
New Orleans, LA cathedral bombing, Apr 1909
Sherwood, ND horse runaway, Aug 1908
Marshall, TX fair grounds pavilion collapse, Aug 1884
Weinert, TX auto wreck, May 1936
Hempstead, TX gravel truck accident, May 1936
New York, NY apartment fire, Mar 1909
Shamokin, PA mill fire, Oct 1908

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