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New Disaster Articles added June 29 & 30

New disaster Articles Added June 29 and 30 at
Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives

Winnsboro, SC Freights Collide in Yard March 1920
Eureka, CA Humboldt County Courthouse Tower Fire, Sept 1924
New Bern, NC One-Third Of Town Destroyed By Fire, Dec 1922
Windsor Locks, CT Train Plunges Into Canal, Oct 1852
St. Paul, MN Carleton Hotel Fire, Jan 1966
Ohio County, KY Miner Throws Blasting Powder on House Fire, Dec 1893
Hibbing, MN Boy Rescues Girl From Train, Jan 1911
Woburn, MA Woburn Chemical Works Fire, Mar 1915
Boston, MA Oil Refinery Fire, Mar 1915
Brookline, MA Trolley Accident, Mar 1915
Nashua, NH Granite Overall Co Fire, Mar 1915
Odin, IL Train Wreck, Mar 1892
Waco, TX Gas Heater Asphyxiation, Oct 1912
Corpus Christi, TX Storm, Oct 1912
Murphysboro, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1909
Whitewright, TX House Fire, Oct 1912
Springfield, IL Engineer Run Over By Train, Apr 1909
Beeville, TX Barber Shop Fire, Oct 1912
Brownsville, TX Area Storm, Oct 1912
Havana, IL Train Wreck, Mar 1891
Carbondale, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1909
Brownwood, TX Downtown Fire, Jun 1909
Montana, PA Pottsville Engine House Fire, Aug 1871
Waco, TX Brazos River Drownings, Jun 1925
New York, NY Train Engineer Drowns, Aug 1909
Texarkana, TX Gulf Cooperage Co Plant Kiln Fire, Oct 1912
Girard, IL Train Wreck, Mar 1887
Deadwood, SD Fire, Sept 1879
Salt Lake City, UT Windsor Hotel Fire, Jan 1910
Norfolk, VA John Marshall High School Fire, Mar 1921
Dorset, VT Congregational Church Fire, Nov 1907
Ludlow, VT Fell Through the Ice & Drowned, Dec 1881
Camden, NJ Steamer Goldsboro Fire, Jul 1900
San Francisco, CA Deadly Earthquake, Oct 1989
Philips, Prentice & Mason, WI Fires, Jul 1894
Racine, WI Titus Block Fire, Jan 1866
McKay, WV Davis Colliery Fire, Aug 1924
Salisbury, NC Block Fire, Jan 1907
Fargo, ND Flood, Apr 1893
Los Angeles, CA Flood, Jan 1910
Los Angeles, CA Fatal Freeway Crash, Jan 1958
Atlanta, GA Gelder's Hotel Fire, Mar 1902
Weston, MA Fire, Apr 1900
Britton, OK Tornado, May 1896
Springfield, MA Amherst College Fire, Oct 1883

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