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New Disaster Articles added June 26

New disaster Articles Added June 26 at
Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives

Kalamazoo, MI Y. M. C. A. Fire, Jan 1911
St. Louis, MO Glider Crash Kills Ten, Aug 1943
Augusta, KY Tornado Ravages Town, Apr 1857
Quebec, QB St. Charles Orphanage Fire Disaster, Dec 1927
Various States, NC, PA, NY, CT, VA, RI, NJ, MA Hurricane DIANE, Aug 1955
Fonda, NY Hotel Roy Fire, Jan 1909
New York, NY Park Avenue Hotel Fire, Feb 1902
Allings Siding, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1907
Westport - Saugatuck, CT Train Wreck, Oct 1912
Waterbury, CT Train Wreck, Oct 1895
Waterbury, CT Train Wreck, Mar 1907
Norwalk, CT Train Wreck, May 1853
Harrisons Landing, CT Train Wreck, Oct 1892
Forestville, CT Train Wreck, Mar 1896
Bridgeport, CT Train - Auto Wreck, Jun 1923
New Haven, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1913
Elkins, WV Box Co Plant Fire, Nov 1918
Gloversville, NY Keystone Hotel Fire, Dec 1909
New York, NY Pearl Street Explosion and Fire, Nov 1882
New York, NY Vesey Street Wine Cellar Explosion and Fire, Sept 1898
New York, NY Truck - Cab Wreck, Sept 1899
Mt. Hood, OR Hikers Fall Into 40 Foot Crevasse, July 1956
Andover, OH Restaurant Explosion Kills 21, Aug 1955
Long Island, NY Shelter Island New Prospect House Hotel Fire, Jun 1942
Cornwall, ON Rossmore Hotel Fire, Apr 1910
Lake Placid, NY Hotel Ruisseaumont Fire, Jul 1909
Lake George, NY Fort William Henry Hotel Fire, Jun 1909
New Rochelle, NY Lake View Hotel Stable Fire, Nov 1910
Death Valley, CA Earthquake Hits Mojave Area, Jan 1961
Bluff Point, NY Hotel Champlain Fire, May 1910
Long Island, NY Auto Wreck, Jul 1908
Washington, DC Hotel Harris Fire, Feb 1910
Aspen, CO Delta S Mine Accident, Sept 1894
Portsmouth, NH Explosion, Nov 1878
Mays Landing, NJ Forest Fire, May 1896
Seneca Falls, NY Seneca House Hotel Fire, Jun 1910
Blacksburg, SC Depot Fire, Jun 1905
Mexia, TX Cafe & Opera House Fire, May 1908
Horseshoe, NY Hotel Fire, Mar 1910
Blakely, PA Trolley Accident, Mar 1904
Waterloo, SC Fire, Jun 1905
Portland, OR Sleet Storm, Jan 1912
Long Island, NY Schooner Carrie A Lane Runs Ashore, Sept 1911
Kusa, OK Wind Storm, Sept 1915
Pembroke, NC Hunt Hatchery Fire, Dec 1943
Lumberton, NC Airplane Crash, Dec 1943
Groesbeck, TX High School Fire, Feb 1910

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