Friday, July 4, 2008

New Disaster Articles added July 2

New disaster Articles Added July 2 at
Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives

Cadott, WI Forest Fire Threatens Entire Town, Sep 1894
Atlantic City, NJ Hotel Westmont Fire, Aug 1915
Milwaukee, WI Johns Manville Mfg Co FIre, Feb 1909
Naperville, IL Disastrous Train Wreck, Apr 1946
Childress, TX Cottle County Courthouse Fire, Oct 1891
Vancouver, WA Courthouse and Jail Fire, Feb 1890
Rockwall, TX Rockwall County Courthouse Fire, Jan 1892
Sandia, NM Train Wreck, May 1908
Palmer, MA Depot Fire, Apr 1851
Huntingdon, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1876
Huntingdon, PA Train Wreck, May 1947
Hyndman, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1908
Johnstown, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1858
Johnstown, PA Train Wreck, Jan 1909
Kelly Station, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1907
Laurel Run, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1903
Laurys, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1899
Lockport, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1907
Lost Creek, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1888
Lovett Station, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1904
Madley, PA Train Wreck, Jan 1902
Manor Station, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895
Manayunk, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Dec 1854
McKeesport, PA Trolley Wreck, Jun 1901
Meadville, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1887
Norristown, PA Train Accident, Aug 1895
Newton Hamilton, PA Train Wreck, Sept 1858
New Florence, PA Train Station Wreck, Feb 1910
New Florence, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1890
New Castle, PA Train Wreck, Jan 1912
Milton, PA Trolley Wreck, Aug 1906
Groesbeck, TX Courthouse Fire, Feb 1891
Homer, TX Courthouse Fire, Nov 1891
Cranford, NJ Opera House Block Fire, Feb 1912

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