Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Disaster Articles Added June 23-24

New disaster Articles Added June 23 - 24 at
Events That Touched Our Ancestors' Lives

Lamont, AB Train And School Bus Accident, Nov 1960
Farmington, MO Nursing Home Blaze Kills 26, Apr 1979
Connellsville, PA Elderly Boarding Home Fire, Apr 1979
Camden, NJ Disastrous Factory Fire, July 1940
Halifax, NS Fire Destroys Poor Asylum Building, Nov 1882
Litchfield, CT United States Hotel Fire, Apr 1910
Fullerton, ND Depot Fire, Dec 1915
Hot Springs, VA hotel fire, Aug 1910
Muskegon, MI fire May 1891
St. Louis, MO Missouri Athletic Club Fire, Mar 1914
White Horse, YT Fire Destroys Two Blocks, May 1905
Ricohoc, LA Railroad Collision In Fog, Mar 1925
Lyndhurst, WI Train Wreck Kills Seven, Sep 1912
Various Towns, IA, NE, IL Tornado Damage, May 1899
Buffalo, KS Stock Train And Work Trains Collide, Apr 1903
Wann, IL Train Wreck & Oil Tank Explosion "The Wann Disaster", Jan 1893
South Chicago, IL Theatre Train - Street Car Wreck, Feb 1906
Stillman Valley, IL Train Wreck, Jun 1894
Pulaski, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1903
Palatine, IL Train Wreck & Water Tank Collapse, Apr 1887
Ottawa, IL Train Wreck, Aug 1870
Moro, IL Train Accident, Jul 1892
Madison, IL Train Accident, Feb 1929
Madison, IL Train Accident, Jan 1909
Lorenzo, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1889
Livingston, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1929
Litchfield, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1902
Lenzburg, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1899
Lebanon, IL Train Wreck, Apr 1902
Kewanee, IL Trolley Accident, Sept 1909
Homewood, IL Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Hinsdale, IL Train Wreck, Jul 1912
Granite, IL Train Wreck, May 1881
Elgin, IL Streetcar Wreck, Aug 1902
Elgin, IL Interurban Wreck, Jul 1902
Des Plaines, IL Train Wreck, May 1899
Geneseo, IL Train Wreck, Jun 1899
Dongola, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1896
Earlville, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1917

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