Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Train Wrecks, Tornadoes and other disasters...

New Disasters added in the past week or so at gendisasters.com

Providence, RI Howard Bldg Fire, Jun 1873
Providence, RI Theatre Fire, Oct 1844
Berlin, NH Fire, Jul 1897
Emporia, KS Tornado, Sept 1895
Chicago, IL Chinese Restaurant Explosion, May 1925
Bufurd County, NC Cyclone, Nov 1889
Castle Rock, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1908
South Fork, CO Auto Wreck, Jun 1938
Fort Wayne, IN Horse and Buggy Accident, May 1895
Adams, MA Wind Storm, Mar 1902
Beatty, NV Bullfrog District Mine Accident, Jul 1905
Charleroi, PA Electricity Accident, Aug 1917
New Eagle, PA Monongahela River Drowning, Aug 1960
Hortons, PA Train Wreck, Aug 1902
Cleveland, OH Mine Supply Co Explosion, Oct 1891
Washington, IN Mining Accident, Aug 1902
Janesville, WI Runaway Accident, Jul 1880
Glen Cove, NH Mt Washington Carriage Accident, Jul 1880
Jerseyville, IL Fatal Mule Accident, Aug 1910
Arlington Heights, IL Train Accident, Sept 1909
Weiser, ID Runaway Accident, Jun 1902
Cumberland, MD Live Wire Accident, Jul 1909
Buckeystown, MD Fell Down Stairs, Apr 1930
Thousand Springs, ID Horse Accident, Jun 1902
Greenville, TN Hail Storm, Mar 1890
Wilson Mills, NC Train Accident, Mar 1890
Charleston, SC Phoenix Furniture Fire, Mar 1890
Washington, DC Drowning, Mar 1890
Logan County, WV Drownings, Mar 1890
Arkansas City, AR Drownings, Mar 1890
Charleston, SC Steamship Cherokee Fire, Feb 1887
Oklahoma City, OK Street Car - Auto Wreck, Oct 1910
San Juan County, NM Runaway Accident, Dec 1900
Minneapolis, MN Runaway Accident, Dec 1900
Wilmington, DE Fatal Cellar Fire, Feb 1902
Dover, DE Train Wreck, Feb 1902
Wickliffe, OH Train Wreck, Dec 1913
Alvin, TX Train Wreck Aug 1923
Winneconne, WI Storm And Lightning Strike Jun 1911
Ashland, WI Train Wreck Oct 1910
Edgemore, IN Train Wreck, Feb 1900
Kanawha Falls, WV Train Wreck, Sept 1907
Warren, PA Johnson Exchange Fire, Dec 1900
Dover, DE Drowned While Skating, Feb 1902
West Wheeling, OH Train Wreck, Jun 1906
Allegheny, NY Train Wreck, Dec 1900
Germantown, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1888
Antwerp, OH Train Wreck, Apr 1912
La Harpe, IL Train Wreck, Jun 1881
Mackinaw, IL Train Wreck, Nov 1903
Xenia, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1902
New York, NY Boy Saved By Clothesline, May 1923
Barnegat Light, NJ Schooner Azua Sinking, May 1930
Finesville, NJ Drowning, Dec 1900
Omaha, NE Farnam Street Treater Fire, Oct 1893
Winona, MN Electricity Accident, Jul 1907
St Louis, MO Trolley Car Wreck, Jun 1908
Hinckley, MN Fire, Sept 1894
Fitchburg, MA Roebling Plant Fire, May 1908
Chelsea, MA Fire, Apr 1908
Kansas City, KS Airplane Crash, Jan 1930
San Pedro, CA Cruiser Tennessee Boiler Explosion, Jun 1908
Victoria, BC Bridge Collapse, May 1896
Victoria, BC Fire, Oct 1910
McLeod, MN Flood, Jun 1908
Middle Grounds, NB Tug Bordentown - Propeller Ship Annie Wreck, Aug 1871
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Hurricane, Sept 1900
Annapolis, NS Fire, Aug 1880
Regina, SK Tornado, Jul 1912
Marshall Basin, CO Smuggler Union Mine Fire, Nov 1901
Denver, CO Denver Post Fire, Sept 1909
Denver, CO Auto - Trolley Wreck, Jan 1910
Leadville, CO Fire, Jan 1890
Georgetown, CO McClellan Opera House Fire, Jan 1892
Colorado Springs, CO Train - Street Car Wreck, Aug 1902
Aguilar, Co Mine Explosion, May 1923
Jamestown, ND Fire, Jun 1917
Dupont, MN Tornado, Jun 1919
Keokuk, IA Huiskamp Bros Explosion, Nov 1896
Nicholsville, KY Train Wreck, Nov 1890
Monite County, CA Tornado, Apr 1880
Cripple Creek, CO Fire, Apr 1894
Fort Wayne, IN Train Wreck, Jul 1894
Chicago, IL Cable Car Accident, Dec 1896
Brandy Station, VA Train Wreck, Mar 1864
San Antonio, TX Flood, Sept 1921
Springfield, VT Fires, 1848-1894
Montpelier, VT Flood, Apr 1895
Northfield, VT Train Wreck, Feb 1887
Rockingham, VT Train Wreck, Jul 1869
Jane Lew, WV Fire, Feb 1925
Saxon, WI Killed Blasting Stumps, May 1908
Mazomanie, WI Tornado, May 1908
Mauston, WI Tornado, Jun 1908
Kenosha, WI Electric Train - Auto Wreck, Feb 1925
Dallas, TX Kerosene Lamp Fire, Jul 1901
Indianapolis, IN House Fire, Jul 1901
Wichita, KS Jacob and Sons Packing Plant Fire, Jul 1901
York, PA Gas Company Explosion, Dec 1900
Pottsville, PA Eagle Hill Colliery Mine Train Accident, Dec 1900
Sharon, PA Hunting Accident, Dec 1900
Reading, PA Scaffold Accident, Dec 1900
Philadelphia, PA Fires, Dec 1900
Scranton, PA Leggett's Creek Colliery Mine Accident, Dec 1900
Hamilton, OH Train Wreck, Jun 1900
Charleston, WV Train Wreck, Aug 1910
West Stratford, CT Train Wreck, Jan 1888
Superior, WI Accident Feb 1947
Clintonville, WI Auto Accident Feb 1947
Clintonville, WI Auto Accident Feb 1947
Jeddo, PA Coal Mine Accident, Oct 1910
Philadelphia, PA Baker's Shop and House Fire, Dec 1900
Philadelphia, PA Stove Fire, Dec 1900
Philadelphia, PA Elevator Accident, Dec 1900
Greensburg, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1900
Vincentown, NJ Fire, Dec 1900
Fairlee Mountain, VT Train Wreck, Apr 1884
Hartshore, OK Fire, Feb 1902
Vinton, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1901
Clintonville, WI Accident Feb 1947
Clintonville, WI Fire Mar 1948
Clintonville, WI Ice Accident Mar 1948
Clintonville, WI Auto Accident Mar 1948
Oshkosh, WI Woodworking Plant Fire Jan 1908
Oshkosh, WI Lumber Yard Fire Jul 1909
Oshkosh, WI Factory Fire Oct 1917
Oshkosh, WI Factory Fire Jan 1913
Oshkosh, WI Fire Oct 1908
Salt Lake City, UT Train Wreck May 1920
Austin, TX Wind Storm Mar 1897
Pukwana, SD Tornado Jun 1908
Heidelberg, PA Chemical Plant Explosion Dec 1917
Winona, MN Storm Aug 1906
Adams, IN Storm Jun 1913
Philadelphia, PA Accidents, Jul 1880
Jackson, MI Birthday Party Fire, Dec 1894
Brooklyn, NY Police Gazette Fire, Dec 1906
Lowell, MA Fire, Jun 1853
New York, NY Buildings and Ships Fire, Dec 1853
New York, NY Parkville Train Wreck, Jun 1893
Temple, TX Vieno House Fire, Dec 1903
Coppell, TX Gin Fire, Dec 1903
Garrison, TX House Fire, Jun 1928
Waco, TX Brazos River Drowning, Jun 1928
Battleship Massachusetts Explosion, Jan 1903
Millikens Bend, MO Steamer Fire, Oct 1891
Crawford and Kent Counties, MO Tornado, Apr 1893
Lynchburg, VA Train Wreck, Jul 1889
Little Rock, AR Flood, Apr 1927
Pierceton, IN Fire, Sept 1895
Oakland, CA Schooner Wasp Hits Bridge, Aug 1906
San Quentin, CA Train Wreck, Sept 1908
Hebron, OH Area Tornado, Jun 1912
Buffalo, NY Storm, Jan 1907
Hartford, KS Tornado, June 1895
Fort Wayne, IN Storm, Mar 1902
Western Springs, IL Train Wreck, July 1912
Tampa, FL Area Hurricane, Oct 1921
Morehead City, NC Waterspouts, Jul 1911
Butte, MT Spectator Mine Disaster, Jun 1917
Tulare, SD Train Wreck, Aug 1900
North Dakota Tornado - Ypsilanti, Jamestown, Langdon - May 1909
Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923
Seattle, WA Pier Fire, Oct 1915
Ellensburg, WA Fire, Jul 1889
Mount Vernon, TX Fire, Jul 1911
Fort Worth, TX Tailoring Business Fire, Oct 1911
Georgetown, TX Williamson County Court House Fire, Dec 1903
Karnes City, TX Peter Weir & Co Gin Fire, Dec 1903
San Antonio, TX Girl Falls from Auto, Oct 1926
Mount Pleasant, TX Tornado, May 1905
Fort Worth, TX Liquor Warehouse Fire, Mar 1936
Macon, GA Union Depot Explosion, Oct 1891
Savannah, GA Tornado, Aug 1893
Cuthbert, GA Tornado, Mar 1909
Fagundus, PA Boiler Explosion, Jul 1872
Charleston, SC Fire, Dec 1861
Seattle, WA West Street House Hotel Fire, Oct 1894
Grand Rapids, MI Area Tornado, Aug 1910
St Louis, MO Flood, Oct 1900
Ridgefield, WA Logger Falls Against Roller, Aug 1910
Taylor, TX Fatal Shotgun Accident, Oct 1900
Beckville, TX Planing Mill and Gin Boiler Explosion, Oct 1900
Woodbine, TX Train Accident, Oct 1900
Leroy, ND Hotel McDougald Fire, Dec 1900
Wenatchee, WA Cascade Tunnel Train Wreck, Aug 1910
Big Timber, MT Train Wreck, Oct 1900
Truckee, CA Cows Derail Train, Aug 1910
Poynette, WI Merchants' Hotel Fire, Sept 1929
Wheeling, WV Train Accident, Mar 1891
Coram, MT Train Wreck, Sept 1910
Ben Franklin, TX Train Accident, Oct 1900
Livingston Manor, NY Plane Crashes On Mountain, June 1934
O'Fallon, MO Train Engine Explosion, Apr 1907
Miramichi, NS Fire, Oct 1825
Arendtsville, PA Hog Pen Fire, Oct 1910
Greenbrier, WV White Sulphur Springs Stable Fire, Aug 1880
Black Diamond, WA Lawson Mine Fire, Oct 1902
Yankton, SD Area Prairie Fires, Apr 1889
Fort Wayne, IN Indiana Furniture Company Fire, Mar 1909
Cortland, NY Lamp Explosion, Mar 1906
Bellingham, WA Auto Wreck, May 1914
Galveston, TX Area Hurricane, Aug 1915
Carmen, OK Tornado, May 1903
Greenwood, SC Auto Accident, Nov 1922
Norfolk, VA Steamer Monroe Wreck, Feb 1914
Franklin, WA Mine Fire, Aug 1894
Seattle, WA Fire, Jun 1910
Columbus City, IN Dry Goods Store Fire, Mar 1909
Eldridge, IA Fire, May 1904
Port Stanley, ON National Balloon Race Crash, Jul 1923
Mansfield, VT Land Slide, Sept 1827
Syracuse, NY State Fair Grounds Fire, Oct 1912
Stevens Point, WI House Fire, Jul 1896
Butler County, NE Barn Fire, Jan 1914
Chicago, IL Falls from Hotel Window to Death, Aug 1908
Wilkes, NC House Fire, May 1907
Millingport, NC Fatal Brush Pile Fire, Apr 1904
Beaver Creek, NC House Fire, Nov 1897
Lynn, MA Killed by Falling Down Stairs, Jan 1871
New York, NY Excavation Cave In, Sept 1896
Brooklyn, NY Train Accident, Apr 1889
Whitney Point, NY Train Accident, Mar 1906
Dayton, TN Mine Explosion, Dec 1895
Manor Station, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895
McCutchenville, OH Sand Bank Cave In, Oct 1895
Tiffin, OH Train Accident, Oct 1895
Ada, OH Train Accident, Oct 1895
Jed, WV Mine Explosion Kills Over Eighty, Mar 1912
Clintonville, WI Auto Accident Jul 19 1945
Clintonville, WI Gas Explosion Jul 1945
Kout's IN, Trains Collide In Indiana, Oct 1887
Albany, NY Fire Destroys State Capitol Building, Mar 1911
Chapel Hill, NC Fraternity House Fire Kills Five, May 1996
Ft. Bragg, NC Soldiers Drown In Lake, Sep 1953
St. Joseph, MO Train Plunges Through Platte River Bridge, Sep 1861
Palm Springs, CA Bus Plunges Over Embankment, Aug 1991
Cincinnati, OH Storm Causes Death And Destruction, May 1902
Long Beach, CA Double Pier Collapses, May 1913
Monongah, WV Hundreds Die In Coal Mine Explosion, Dec 1907
Littleton, WV Forty Car Freight Train Wrecks, Sep 1890
McKay, WV Davis Colliery Fire, Aug 1924
White Plains, NY Stouffer's Hotel Fire, Dec 1980
Mason City, IA School Bus Crushed By Train, Oct 1937
Man, WV Buffalo Creek Floor Disaster, Feb 1972
Milwaukee, WI Planing Mill Fire Sept 1883
Milwaukee, WI Clothing Business Fire Dec 1882
Milwaukee, WI Firemen overcome by fumes Apr 1915
Milwaukee, WI Piano Co. Fire Mar 1901
Milwaukee, WI Fire Mar 1895
Singac, NJ Train Accident, May 1899
Sarnia, ON Rowboat Accident and Drowning, Nov 1904
Jewett City, CT Fire, Jan 1904
Fall River, MA Auto Accident, May 1918
Easton, PA Train Wreck, Mar 1853
Charleston, SC Fire, May 1850
Kalamazoo, MI Tornado, Jun 1907
Sturgis, SD Bronco Accident, Jun 1907
Jackson, CA Gold Mine Disaster, Aug 1922
Medora, IN Freight Train Splits Switch and Wrecks, June 1921
Corwin, OH Circus Train In Collision, Sep 1888
Grass Valley, CA Circus In Railroad Wreck, Sep 1893
Nr. Anchorage, AK Two Plane Crashes Same Area, Apr 1956
Quincy, MA Air Crash, Jun 1915
Lower Michigan Storm, Jun 1915
Austin, TX Area Flood, Apr 1915
Switchback, WV Deadly Mine Explosion, Jan 1909
Buffalo, NY Lake Shore Train Wreck, Mar 1890
Cape Medocino, CA Steamship Northerner Wreck, Jan 1860
Sioux City, IA Flood, Jul 1902
Pine Bluffs, AR Tornado, Jun 1910
Marquette, MI Steamer Arizona Fire, Nov 1887
Hancock, MI Hancock Chemical Works Explosion, Nov 1887
Joplin, MO Flood, Apr 1908
West Bend, WI tornado April 1981
Wellington, OH Train Derails, Four Die, Jan 1960
St. Louis, MO Circus Train Wrecks, Animals Escape, Nov 1887
Newburg, WV Explosion Rips Coal Mine, Jan 1886
Charleston, SC Earthquake, Aug-Sept 1886
Charleston, SC Church Street Fire, Feb 1898
Seattle, WA Fire, Jun 1889
New York, NY Hotel Royal Fire, Feb 1892
Rapid City, SD Flood and Drownings, Jun 1907
Tacoma, WA Landing Slip Collapse, Jun 1907
Chippewa Falls, WI Gas Tank Explosion, Jun 1907

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