Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ohio Disasters

Ohio Train Wrecks, Storms , Drownings and other disasters - just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/

Cleveland, OH Animals Perish In Circus Fire, Aug 1942
Delphos, OH Train And Truck Collision, Feb 1934
Conneaut, OH Tornado, Oct 1891
Youngstown, OH Ohio Powder Works Explosion, Oct 1891
Akron, OH Railroad Accident, Jun 1903
Newark, OH Train Accident, Jun 1903
Sherman, OH Meat Train Accident, Apr 1895
Buckeye Lake, OH Dance Hall Collapse, Aug 1924
Akron, OH Rescue from Train Accident, Jul 1877
Cleveland, OH Auto Wrecks, May 1929
Marion, OH Train Accident, Jan 1914
Cleveland, OH Two Street Cars Collide On Bridge, Oct 1916
Marietta, OH Torpedo Company Explosion, Feb 1906
Reading, OH Fireworks Plant Explosion, Jan 1893
near Cincinnati, OH Steamer Zachary Taylor Explosion, Jan 1854
nr. Erie, PA Three-Train Collision, Mar 1953
Warren, OH - Drowning - 08 Aug 1890
Cincinnati, OH Lightning Strike, Jul 1932
Amherst, OH, Lightning Strike, Jul 1932
Ashtabula, OH Drowning, May 1895
Galion, OH Erie Reservoir Drowning, Jul 1914
Minerva, OH Drownings, Jun 1877
Cleveland, OH Drownings, Jun 1877
Akron, OH Canal Basin Drownings, Oct 1909
Kent, OH Lake Brady Drowning, Aug 1908
Cincinnati, OH Flood, Jan 1907
Wakefield, OH House Fire, Dec 1896
Ashtabula, OH Schooner Pelican Wreck, May 1893
Ashtabula, OH Train Wreck, Dec 1912
Toledo, OH Napoleons Union School Fire, Mar 1908
Toledo, OH Fire, Aug 1907
Sandusky, OH Dynamite Explosion, Jan 1908
Milan, OH Trolley Car Wreck, Jun 1903
Chillicothe, OH Flood, Mar 1907
Dresden, OH Whitehouse Block Fire, Nov 1879
Tinker's Creek, OH Interurban Railway Bridge Collapse, Jan 1896
McArthur, OH Fire, Mar 1882
Cincinnati, OH Square Fire, Aug 1872
Lancaster, OH Livery Stable Fire, May 1879
Newark, OH Storm, Jul 1915
Oxford, OH Female College Fire, Jan 1860
Cincinnati, OH Chair Factory Fire, Nov 1860
Toboso, OH Train - Automobile Wreck, Apr 1959
Genoa, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1910
Amsterdam, OH Coal Mine Explosion, Apr 1910
Chardon, OH Train Wreck, Aug 1906
Hamilton, OH Fire Destroys Large Portion Of City, Apr 1882
Toledo, OH Million Dollar Grain Elevator Fire, July 1899

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