Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Indiana Disasters

Indiana Train Wrecks, Fires, Accidents and other disasters - just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/

Fort Wayne, IN Fatal Lightning Strike, Apr 1890
Fort Wayne, IN Niemann Home Gas Explosion, Sept 1895
Mishawaka, IN Drowning, Aug 1902
Muncie, IN Tin Stamping Works Fire, Oct 1891
Evansville, IN Evansville Basketball Team In Crash, Dec 1977
Pierceton, IN Lightning Strike, Jun 1913
Indianapolis, IN Opened Dynamite Cartridge with Harpin, Mar 1898
Gas City, IN Live Wire Kills Boy, Jun 1911
Greensburg, IN Electric Tension Wire Accident, Jun 1911
Richmond, IN Fell from Window into Cistern, Jul 1880
Terre Haute, IN Railway Bridge Collapses Under Train, Feb 1900
East Saginaw, IN Boiler Explosion, Jun 1883
Montpelier, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1895
Bristol, IN Bridge Collapse During Boat Race, July 1895
Montpelier, IN Glycerine Explosion, Dec 1896
Aurora, IN Fell into Take of Gasoline, Jan 1893
Kokomo, IN Hit by Falling Ice, Jan 1893
Knightstown, IN Traction Car Near Accident, Mar 1913
Bluffton, IN Storm, Jun 1913
Indianapolis, IN Tornado, May 1860
Oakville, IN Tornado, Apr 1884
Jennings County, IN Tornado, May 1917
Nebraska, IN Horton Manufacturing Co Fire, Jun 1917
New Albany, IN Tornado, Mar 1917
Evansville, IN Flood, Jan 1937
Lafayette, IN Drowning, May 1913
Indianapolis, IN Traction Train - Train Wreck, Sept 1910
Evansville, IN Storm, Aug 1884
Brazil, IN Lightning Strikes, Jun 1894
Lawrenceburg, IN Train Wreck, Aug 1895
Fort Wayne, IN Trick Pony in Train Wreck, May 1902
Henderson, IN Steamer Belmont Wreck, Aug 1884
Indianapolis, IN Fatal Bowen-Merrill Co Fire, Mar 1890
Lawrenceburg, IN Flood, Jan 1907
Indianapolis, IN Auto Wreck, Apr 1910
Hudson Lake, IN Train - Auto Wreck, Aug 1924
Marion, IN Pumping Station Explosion, Aug 1902
Stone Station, IN Train Wreck, Jun 1897
Anderson, IN Auto Accidents, May 1917

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