Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Georgia Disasters

Georgia Train Wrecks, Fires, Accidents and other disasters - just added at http://www.gendisasters.com/

Muscogee Junction, GA Train Wreck, Oct 1891
Ft. Benning, GA Two Helicopter's Collide In Flight, June 1965
Montpelier Springs, GA College Fire, Dec 1897
Macon GA Store Fire Nov 1888
Newnan, GA Fires, Oct 1891
Griffin, GA Fire, Oct 1891
Smyrna, GA Drowning, Jun 1925
East Dougherty, GA Hunting Accident, Jan 1889
Pleasant Hill, GA Cow Milking Accident, Jan 1889
Fort Valley, GA Firecracker Accident, Dec 1897
Savannah, GA Brick Works Fire, Oct 1891
Scraven, GA Cotton Gin and Grocery Store Fire, Oct 1891
Savannah, GA Steamer Bendo Fire, Oct 1891
Hephzibah, GA Fire, Oct 1891
Abbeville, GA Train Accident, Oct 1891
Boston, GA Mining Accident, Oct 1891
New Hope, GA Southern Airways Jetliner Crash, Apr 1977
Oglethorpe, GA Drowning Rescue, Aug 1903
Americus, GA House Fire, Jan 1889
Tybee, GA Drowning, Jun 1908
McDonough, GA List Of Killed In Train Wreck, June 1900
Hiram, GA Train Derails On High Trestle, Jan 1908
Fort Valley, GA Train Wreck, Jul 1906
MacDonough, GA Train Wreck, Jun 1900
Atlanta, GA Arlington Hotel Fire, May 1907
Atlanta, GA House Fire, Dec 1907
Athens, GA Flood, Aug 1908
Columbus, GA Auto Accident, May 1912
Sand Island Light, GA Fell Overboard Schooner Laura Lewis, Jul 1881
Augusta, GA Fell from Building, Jul 1881
Dawson, GA Tornado, Apr 1893
Cherokee, GA Storm, Mar 1902
Griffin, GA Flood, Feb 1900
New Holland, GA Tornado, Jun 1903
Macon, GA Tornado, Jan 1885
Hagan, GA Tornado, Oct 1893
Toccoa, GA Train Wreck, Oct 1902
Waycross, GA Train Accident, Mar 1902
Fayetteville, GA Depot Fire, Feb 1902
Atlanta, GA Fell from Window, Jul 1925
Gainesville, GA Cotton Warehouse Fire, Jan 1900

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