Monday, December 3, 2007

Colorado Disasters

Colorado Train Wrecks, Accidents, Explosions and other disasters - just added at

Denver, CO July 4th Celebration Accidents, Jul 1889
Denver, CO City Hall Fire, Nov 1901
Durango, CO Hardware and Lumber Co Fire, May 1909
Telluride, CO Mining Tram Bucket Accident, Jul 1908
Four Mile, CO Sawmill Accident, Jun 1881
Denver, CO Electricity Accident, Sept 1897
Greeley, CO Horse Accident, Jun 1897
Leadville, CO Rusk-Ivanhoe Tunnel Explosion, Nov 1891
Morrison, CO Hayrack Party Wagon Accident, Jun 1902
Gladstone, CO Gold King Mine Accident, Jun 1908
Fountain, CO Train Wreck, May 1890
Telluride, CO Gunnison River Drowning, Jul 1908
Colorado Springs, CO Drowning Jun 1901
Brush, CO House Fire, Jul 1900
Colorado Springs, CO House Fire Aug 1902
Ouray, CO Snowslide, Jan 1895
Newcastle, CO Vulcan Mine Explosion, Dec 1913
Idaho Springs, CO Mine Cave In, Jun 1897
New Castle, CO Passenger and Freight Train Collision, Sep 1897
Fort Collins, CO Automobile Accident, Jul 1911
Silver Crossing, CO Train - Carriage Accident, Jul 1889
Silver Cliff, CO - Mining accident - 02 Jul 1891
Aspen, CO Toboggan Slide Accident, Nov 1889
Leadville, CO Mine Accident, Jul 1889
Aspen, CO Delivery Sleigh Runaway, Dec 1896
Leadville, CO Duncan Mine Fire, Dec 1896
Denver, CO Big Glory Balloon Wreck, Sept 1902
Victor City, CO Jail Fire, Feb 1898
Primero, CO Mine Disaster, Jan 1910
Leadville, CO Fire, Mar 1889

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Xydexx said...

I just got back from a trip to Colorado/Utah. It seemed like every town we went to out there had some sort of historic marker explaining how the town was almost totally wiped out by a fire in 1889-1890 and thereafter rebuilt with brick.