Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wisconsin Train Wrecks, Fires and other disasters

New Wisconsin Disaster Articles ..... Just added at http://www.gendisasters.com
Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives....

Alma, WI Head-On Railway Collision, May 1902
Depere, WI Train Wreck, Jun 1900
East Rio, WI Train Wreck, Nov 1886
Edgerton, WI Train Accident Sept 1907
Fond du Lac, WI Train Accident, May 1912
Green Bay, WI Train Accident, Sept 1895
Junction City, WI Train Wreck, Aug 1913
La Crosse, WI Train Accident Jul 1906
La Crosse, WI Train Accident Mar 1895
Manitowoc, WI Train Wreck, Oct 1919
Neenah, WI Train Accident Jan 1930
New Richmond, WI Train Accident Aug 1913
Plover, WI Train Derailment, Sept 1910
Racine, WI Train Accident Aug 1913
Root River, WI Train Plunges Into Washout, Mar 1913
Stevens Point, WI Train Accident Aug 1913
Stevens Point, WI Train Accident, May 1908
Whitehall, WI Train Wreck, Jul 1880
Cooperstown, WI Scaffolding Collapse, Jul 1895
Appleton, WI Barn Fire, Feb 1890
Appleton, WI Cranford Paving Co Fire, Nov 1914
Britton, WI Store Fire, May 1879
Center, WI Swamp Fire, Sept 1895
Fond Du Lac, WI Fire Sept 1908
Fond du Lac, WI House Fire, May 1898
Fort Atkinson, WI Walker House Fire, Jul 1880
Fulton, WI Stock Farm Fire, Jul 1885
Hurley, WI Theater and Buildings Fire, Nov 1887
Keshene, WI Indian Reservation Fire, Mar 1895
La Crosse, WI Dry Goods Fire, Dec 1894
Madison, WI State Capitol Fire, Feb 1904
Manitowoc, WI Smalley Manufacturing Fire, Jun 1899
Menasha, WI Sawmill Fire, Jul 1880
Neenah, WI Cabin Fire, Nov 1879
Oconto, WI Reinhardt House Fire, Jun 1879
Oshkosh, WI Coat on Fire May 1879
Oshkosh, WI Feather Bed Fire and Foundry Fire May 1879
Oshkosh, WI Fires 1879
Oshkosh, WI House Fire Feb 1879
Oshkosh, WI Pratt Saw and Shingle Mill Destroyed, May 1879
Oshkosh, WI House Fire, Jul 1885
Oshkosh, WI Normal School Fire, Mar 1916
Rib Lake, WI Sawmill Fire, Oct 1897
Rosehill, WI German Orphan Asylum fire, Oct 1879
Spencer, WI Clifford Store Fire, Jun 1879
Stroughton WI, Fires, Nov 1889
Trenton, WI Barn Fire, Jul 1880
Watertown WI, House Fire, Aug 1902
Watertown, WI Mansfield Farm Fire, Jan 1884
La Crosse, WI Escursion Steamer J S Fire, Jun 1910
Manitowoc, WI Steamship Superior Wreck, Oct 1887
Sturgeon Bay, WI Steamboat Erie L Hackey Wreck, Oct 1903
North Fond du Lac WI Drowning Rescue Jul 1906
Ashland, WI Fell off Raft and Drowned, Jul 1912
Holcomb, WI Drowning, June 1906
Holmen, WI Drowning, Jul 1906
Iron Belt, WI Drowning, Jul 1895
LaCrosse, WI Drowning, Jul 1880
Mazomanie, WI Steamboat Accident Jul 1895
Norway, WI Drowned While Fishing, Jul 1906
Oshkosh, WI Drowning, May 1879
Waupaca, WI Drowning May 1946
Barron, WI Tornado, Jun 1899
Bloomer, WI Tornado, Aug 1924
Brunswick, WI Tornado, Aug 1907
Buncombe, WI Tornado Aug 1870
Kenosha, WI Tornado, Jul 1912
Thorp, WI Tornado, Sept 1924
Viroqua, WI Tornado, Jul 1865
Winona WI, Tornado 1907

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