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Texas Fires, Tornadoes and other disasters

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Amarillo, TX Convalescent Home Fire, Dec 1950
Chico, TX House Fire, Jan 1894
Childress, TX Fire Jan 1894
Comanche, TX Explosion and Fire, Jan 1900
Corsicana, TX Grocery Store Fire, Jan 1894
Corsicana, TX Oil Well Fire, May 1923
Dallas, TX Gun Store Fire, Mar 1882
DeKalb, TX Cunningham House Fire, Jan 1894
Dublin, TX McCormick & Russell Store Fire, Mar 1909
Fannin, TX Goff Gin Fire, Aug 1902
Galveston, TX Fire, Dec 1869
Hearne, TX Fire Jul 1873
Hillsboro, TX Fire Dec 1893
Hillsboro, TX Kirksey House Fire, Jan 1894
Houston, TX House Fire, Dec 1978
Humble, TX Oil Tank Fire, Jul 1905
Lampasas, TX Fire, Apr 1921
Longview, TX House Fires, Jul 1898
Orange, TX Electric Light Plant Fire, Jul 1898
Paris, TX Fire, 1915
San Angelo, TX Landon Hotel Fire, Aug 1902
San Angelo, TX Landon Hotel Fire, Aug 1902
Sulphur Springs, TX Tenant House Fire, Jul 1898
Temple, TX House Fire, Jul 1898
Texarkana, TX Fire Apr 1895
Arlington, TX Interurban Train - Automobile Wreck, Oct 1912
Beaumont, TX Train - Automobile Wreck, Jul 1954
Hempstead, TX Train Wreck, Nov 1884
Humble, TX Train Wreck, Dec 1922
Mexia, TX Train Wreck, Oct 1927
Sanderson, TX Train Wreck, Mar 1902
Austin, TX Auto Accident Jun 1947
Beaumont, TX Train - Automobile Wreck, Jul 1954
Durant, OK Auto Accident Jul 1925
Mesquite, TX Auto Wreck, Jun 1947
Borger, TX Oil Well Explosion, Apr 1927
Center, TX Gas Explosion, Dec 1935
Cisco, TX Torpedo Company Explosion, Jul 1919
Comanche, TX Explosion and Fire, Jan 1900
Dallas, TX House Explosion, Jul 1911
Iowa Park, TX Boiler Explosion, May 1923
Kilgore, TX Sawmill Boiler Explosion, Mar 1892
Mart, TX Explosion, Jul 1894
New London, TX School Explosion, Mar 1937
San Antonio, TX Engine Blows Up In Shop, Mar 1912
San Antonio, TX Gasoline Stove Explosion, Jul 1898
Texas City, TX Explosion, Apr 1947
Galveston, TX Hurricane, Aug 1915
Galveston, TX Hurricane, Sept 1900
Hurricane Carla Hits Texas Coast, Sept 1961
Indianola, TX Hurricane, Sept 1875
Briggs, TX Tornado, Apr 1906
Canton, TX Tornado, Apr 1919
Central Texas Tornado - Putnam, Star Mountain, Holliday Station - May 1904
Cisco, TX Tornado, Apr 1893
Colorado City, TX Tornado, May 1923
Dallas, TX Tornado, Apr 1957
Emory, TX Tornado, Mar 1894
Falls Creek, TX Tornado, May 1890
Glenrose, TX Tornado, May 1902
Goliad, TX Tornado, May 1902
Hebron, TX Tornado Apr 1927
Irving, TX Tornado, Apr 1927
Lamar, TX area Tornado, May 1905
Marshall, TX Tornado, Apr 1927
Port Arthur, TX Tornado Sept 1897
Shiner, TX Tornado, Jan 1891
Silverton, TX Tornado, May 1957
Troy, TX Tornado May 1893

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