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Pennsylvania Explosions

Pennsylvania Explosions - just added at

Allentown, PA Macungie Furnace Explosion, Oct 1912
Allentown, PA Powder Company Explosion, Dec 1916
Becksville, PA Laflin & Rand's Powder Works Explosion, Oct 1889
Braddock, PA Carnegies Edgar Thompson Steel Works Explosion, Oct 1889
Braddock, PA Oil Can Explosion, Jun 1892
Braddock, PA Steel Works Furnace Explosion, Apr 1890
Columbia, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Jul 1855
Connellsville, PA Gas Explosion, Apr 1910
Covington, PA Lamp Explosion, Jul 1916
Easton, PA Locomotive Boiler Explosion, Feb 1907
Emporium, PA Powder Works Explosion, July 1916
Emporium, PA Aetna Powder Co Explosion, Jul 1916
Hanover, PA Coal Oil Lamp Explosion, Mar 1896
Homer City, PA Lumber Mill Boiler Battery Explosion, Jul 1898
Hulton, PA Dynamite Explosion At Acme Powder Works, Mar 1894
Johnstown, PA Cambria Steel Explosion, Jan 1904
McKeesport, PA American Sheet and Tinplate Co Mill Explosion, Oct 1919
Mertztown, PA Boiler Explosion, Nov 1890
Moosic, PA Terrible Powder Explosion, Apr 1892
Philadelphia, PA Building Explosion, Jun 1867
Philadelphia, PA Cigar Box Manufactory Explosion and Fire, Nov 1886
Philadelphia, PA Gas Tank Explosion, May 1905
Philadelphia, PA Lamp Explosion, Sept 1890
Philadelphia, PA Meat Packing Plant Explosion, Nov 1861
Philadelphia, PA Norris and Sons Boiler Explosion, Mar 1863
Phoenix, PA Dynamite Accident, Mar 1910
Pittsburgh, PA Basement Explosion, May 1890
Pittsburgh, PA Eliza Furnace Boiler Explosion, Oct 1890
Pittsburgh, PA Machine Works Explosion, Sept 1860
Pittsburgh, PA Oil Explosion, Jul 1868
Pittsburgh, PA Oil Well Gas Explosion, Aug 1893
Pittsburgh, PA Republic Iron Works Boiler Explosion, Sept 1899
Punxsutawney, PA House Explosion, Jun 1904
Redington, PA Bethlehem Steel Explosion, Aug 1915
Redington, PA Bethlehem Steel Fuse Plant Explosion, Aug 1915
Scranton, PA Locomotive Explosion, Oct 1859
Sheradan, PA Gas Explosion, May 1902
Summit, PA House Powder Explosion, Feb 1850
Thompsonville, PA Dynamite Explosion, Sept 1916
Towanda, PA Rolling Mills Explosion, Aug 1889
West Bingham, PA Sawmill Explosion, May 1895
West Liberty, PA Gas Explosion, Feb 1904

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