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New Hampshire Fires and other disasters

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Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives....

East Andover, NH Train Wreck, Oct 1885
Epping, NH Circus Train Wreck, May 1890
Manchester, NH Railroad Accident, Nov 1858
North Boscawen, NH Train Wreck, Oct 1870
State Line, NH Train Wreck, Jun 1890
Surry Summit, NH Train Wreck, Jan 1890
Troy, NH Train Wreck, Jul 1891
Woodsville, NH Train Wreck, Dec 1878
Keene, NH Auto Explosion, Jun 1904
Nashua, NH Gas Explosion, Feb 1854
Derby, NH Flood, Feb 1857
Hanover, NH FLood, Apr 1895
Milford, NH Storm and Flood, Oct 1869
New England Storm, Flood, and Shipwrecks, Apr 1852
New Hampshire Storm and Flood, Oct 1869
Winchester, NH Flood, Feb 1855
Cornish, NH Jessie Wilson Thrown from Horse, Aug 1913
Marlow, NH Runaway Accident, Nov 1885
Bartlett, NH Tavern Fire, Apr 1879
Berlin, NH Cote Block Fire, Mar 1898
Berlin, NH Fire, Mar 1897
Berlin, NH Pulp Mill Fire, Dec 1898
Claremont, NH Browns Block Fire, Mar 1887
Claremont, NH Tremont House Fire, Mar 1879
Concord, NH American House Fire, Jul 1867
Concord, NH Phoenix Hotel Fire, May 1873
Concord, NH Union Block Fire, Jan 1873
East Jaffrey, NH Dwelling House Fire, Mar 1887
Fitzwilliam, NH Tannery Fire, Aug 1867
Fremont, NH Carriage Factory and Sawmill Fire, Aug 1882
Hampton Beach, NH Fire, Jul 1950
Hampton Beach, NH Fire, Jun 1921
Hookset, NH Railroad Bridge Fire, Oct 1857
Hooksett, NH Fire, Sept 1857
Hudson, NH House Fire, Mar 1949
Jaffrey, NH Monadnock Bank Fire, Mar 1875
Laconia, NH Lakeport Fire, May 1903
Manchester, NH Merchants Exchange Bldg Fire, Apr 1874
Meredith Bridge, NH Fire, Feb 1823
Nashua, NH Fire, Apr 1870
Nashua, NH Goodrich Block Fire, Oct 1889
Nashua, NH Mattress Factory Fire, Oct 1870
Nashua, NH Railroad Co Fire, Apr 1872
New Hampshire Forest Fires, Jun 1903
Peterborough, NH Fire, Jan 1903
Pittsfield, NH House Fires, Sept 1857
Plymouth, NH Fire, Oct 1870
Portsmouth, NH Concoran House Fire, Oct 1898
Portsmouth, NH Franklin Shiphouse Fire, Mar 1936
Portsmouth, NH North Church Fire, Jan 1902
Seabrook, NH Woodworking Mill Fire, Mar 1949
Swanzey, NH Fire, Jun 1890
Warner, NH Paper Mill Fire, Sept 1869
Whitefield, NH Pail Factory Fire, Dec 1902
Warner and Salisbury, NH Tornado, Sept 1821
Hampton, NH Lightning Strike, Aug 1860
Milford, NH Storm and Flood, Oct 1869
New England Lighthouse Storm, Apr 1851
New Hampshire Storm and Flood, Oct 1869
Portsmouth, NH Storm, Aug 1901

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