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Connecticut Train Wrecks, Fires and other disasters

New Connecticut Disaster Articles ..... Just added at http://www.gendisasters.com
Events That Touched Our Ancestor's Lives....

Bristol, CT Horse Accident, May 1853
New Haven, CT Hose Wagon Accident, Nov 1899
New Haven, CT Runaway Accident, Mar 1893
Waterbury, CT Train - Carriage Wreck, Oct 1899
Bristol, CT Oven Explosion, Oct 1887
Hartford, CT Automobile Explosion, Jun 1904
Hartford, CT Park Central Hotel Explosion and Fire, Feb 1889
Middletown, CT Wesleyan College Explosion, Feb 1889
Branford, CT Schooner Anna Melia Sinking, Nov 1899
Hartford, CT Steamer Granite State Fire, May 1883
New Haven, CT Steamer Elm City Fire, Jul 1891
New London, CT Fishers Island Steamer Atlantic Wreck, 1846
Norwalk, CT Steamboat Richard Peck Wreck, Jan 1896
Birmingham, CT Fire, Jan 1879
Bridgeport, CT Barnum Block Fire, Sept 1895
Bridgeport, CT Fires, Sept 1892
Bridgeport, CT Star Shirt Co Fire, Feb 1906
Danbury, CT Berkerlee Hat Factory Fire, Jun 1885
Danbury, CT Fire, Feb 1890
Danbury, CT Fire, Jun 1888
Danbury, CT Fire, Mar 1896
Danbury, CT Fur Factory Fire, Jul 1874
Danbury, CT Keeler Street Block Fire, Nov 1895
Danbury, CT Lamp Fire, Jan 1887
Danbury, CT Perry Block Fire, May 1888
Danbury, CT Warner House Fire, Oct 1889
East Hartford, CT Fire, May 1922
East Thompson, CT Railroad Station Fire, Nov 1899
Hartford, CT Aetna Pyrotechnic Fire, May 1892
Hartford, CT Charter Oak Stables Fire, Oct 1922
Hartford, CT Colt Firearms Works Fire, Feb 1894
Hartford, CT Colts Pistol Factory Fire, Feb 1864
Hartford, CT Foundry Fire, Sept 1902
Hartford, CT Germania Hall Fire, Mar 1898
Hartford, CT High School Fire, Jan 1882
Hartford, CT Hospital Fire, Dec 1961
Hartford, CT Knitting Company Fire, Apr 1857
Hartford, CT Livery Stable Fire, Jun 1856
Hartford, CT Merriman Block Fire, Jan 1877
Hartford, CT North Middle Schoolhouse Fire, Feb 1858
Hartford, CT Paper Box Factory Fire, Sept 1872
Hartford, CT Park Central Hotel Explosion and Fire, Feb 1889
Hartford, CT Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Fire, Jul 1944
Hartford, CT Steamboat Co Freight House Fire, Sept 1867
Hartford, CT Store Fire, Jan 1887
Hartford, CT Thrall Building Fire, Jan 1856
Hartford, CT Town Hall Fire, Oct 1873
Hartford, CT Woolworths and G Fox and Co Stores Fire, Jan 1917
Meriden, CT Mill Fire, Apr 1870
Milford, CT Train Fire, Apr 1914
New Hartford, CT Fire, Oct 1885
New Haven, CT Bigelow Ironworks Fire, Jun 1873
New Haven, CT Car Trimming Co Fire, Jun 1882
New Haven, CT House Fire, Jan 1900
New Haven, CT Lincoln Rink Fire, Mar 1892
New Haven, CT Rialto Theatre House Fire, Nov 1921
New London, CT Central Hotel and Dry Goods Store Fire Apr 1891
New Milford, CT Fires, Apr 1897
New Milford, CT Ingleside School Fire, Dec 1902
Norwalk, CT Scofield House Fire, Jun 1923
Ridgefield, CT Fire, Dec 1895
Southport, CT Stable Fire, Mar 1889
Stamford, CT Town Hall Fire, Feb 1904
Tariffville, CT Carpet Co Fire, Jun 1867
Thompsonville, CT Carpet Mill Fire, Nov 1889
Waterbury, CT Factory Fire, Jan 1896
Waterbury, CT St Johns Church Fire, Dec 1868
Wauregan, CT Barn Fire, Aug 1887
West Haven, CT Fires, Dec 1893
Willimantic, CT Railroad Car Fire, Jan 1891
Wilton, CT Fire, May 1853
Windsor, CT Windsor Hotel Fire, July 1869
Canaan, CT Train Wreck, Jan 1896
Canaan, CT Train Wreck, Jun 1913
Collinsville, CT Train Wreck, Aug 1900
Darien, CT Head On Collision, Aug 1969
Hartford, CT Train Wreck, Dec 1906
Hartford, CT Train Wreck, Jun 1907
Jewetts Crossing, CT Train Wreck, Jan 1908
Milford, CT Trains In Rear End Collision, Feb 1916
Milford, CT Train Fire, Apr 1914
Norwich, CT Train Wreck, Sept 1913
Sandy Hook, CT Train Wreck, Oct 1902
Shelton, CT Train Wreck, May 1894
Stamford, CT Train Wreck, Jun 1913
Waterbury, CT Train - Carriage Wreck, Oct 1899
Willimantic, CT Railroad Car Fire, Jan 1891

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