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Tennesse Train Wrecks and other disasters...

Tennessee Train Wrecks, Mine Accidents, & other disaster articles - added at

Bledsoe, Tennessee Train Wreck Jun 1889

Surnames: Bryant, Buck, Clayborne, Coe, Crabtree, Grant, Peacock, Smith, Whiteside

Chattanooga, Tennessee Train Wreck May 1890

Surnames: Bailey, Clifford, Gregory, Harris, Price

Dayton, Tennessee Nelson Mine Explosion Mar 1902

Surnames: Cummins, Dean, Foust, Franklin, Griffin, Gonyon, Gruss, Harney, Harris, Head, Hill, Hughes, Hunter, Piersol, Presnell, Riley, Robinson, Shavel, Smith, Toffer, Travis, Wafford

Pinkney, Tennessee Mine Tipple Collapse May 1897

Surnames: Brown, Crow, Hardwick, Harris, Kilburn, Remington

Pulaski, Tennessee Flood Mar 1902

Surnames: Cole, Conner, Phillips, White
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