Friday, June 15, 2007

Oregon Disasters

Oregon Train Wrecks, Ship Wrecks & Other Disasters - just added at

Albany, Oregon Train Wreck Aug 1897

Surnames: Bullard, Kinney, Peebles

Astoria, Oregon Fire Dec 1922

Surnames: Bremmer, Dellinger, Foster, Smith, Staples

Canemah, Oregon Steamer Gazelle Explosion Apr 1854

Surnames: Black, Blanchet, Bloomer, Birch, Boyd, Brooks, Clemmens, Crawford, Crowell, Daly, Davis, Fudge, Fuller, Gardiner, Hatch, Herald, Hereford, Hill, Hunt, Knaust, Lowe, M'gee, McGee, McLane, Miller, Morgan, Newby, Page, Parlow, Pell, Pentland, Piant, Post, Royce, Shortess, Stanfield, Tonie, Wadsworth, White, Woodhull

Hot Lake, Oregon Train Wreck Jun 1946

Surnames: Unger, Ward

Marshfield, Oregon Schooner Osprey Wreck Nov 1912

Surnames: Christofferson, Hardy, Jacobson, Johnson, Peitsch

The Dalles, Oregon Train Wreck Feb 1890

Surnames: French, George, Seely
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