Monday, February 26, 2007

South Carolina Train Wrecks, Tornadoes & Fires

New South Carolina Train Wrecks, Tornadoes, and other disasters on line at:

Aiken, South Carolina Fire Oct 1921

Surname: Powell

Columbia, South Carolina Tornado May 1875

Surnames: Montgomery, Norton

Frost, South Carolina Train Wreck Feb 1918

Surnames: Attiss, Baxter, Boyd, Brawley, Brice, Brodie, Brice, Coleman, Collins, Davies, Drehr, Dubose, Fair, Gelston, Gregory, Guin, Hagood, Houston, Hungerford, Johnson, Knight, Kopp, Lawson, Leaman, Lester, Locklair, Long, Maxwell, Meredith, Morrison, Nelson, Richardson, Shaw, Smith, Taylor, Tennant, Tomlinson

Hartsville, South Carolina Baggage Car Fire Apr 1911

Surnames: Dundee, Puggsley, Williams

Orangeburg, South Carolina Tornado May 1861

Surnames: Andrews, Ellis, Glover, Jenkins, Legare, O'Cain, Rickenbacker, Wannamaker

Port Royal, South Carolina Tornado Aug 1893

Surnames: Averill, Bryan, Pollard

Sumter area, South Carolina Tornado Mar 1890

Surname: Mathias, Richardson

Williston, South Carolina Fire Dec 1887

Surnames: Anderson, Henry, Kennedy
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