Sunday, January 28, 2007

Montana Train Wrecks, Explosions and other disasters

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Austin, Montana Train Wreck Feb 1906

Surnames: Anderson, Bickell, Brickle, Brown, Jessup, Pelty, Robinson, Rossman, Senecal

Butte, Montana Fire & Explosion Jan 1895

Surnames: Allen, Cameron, Dunford, Dordling, Flannery, Fifer, Hoffbaher, Kranbeck, Leveque, Magee, McGee, Miles, Moffatt, Moher, Moses Nolan, Orr, Sloan.

Myers & Rancher, Montana Train Wreck Aug 1905

Surnames: Campbell, Emge, Lucifire, unknown

Anaconda, Montana Stewart Mine Explosion Sept 1900

Surnames: Bryant, Hinds, Hunter, Jullien, Kelly, Morrissy, Murray, Toker

Columbia Falls, Montana Train Wreck Jan 1906

Surnames: Barden, Hansen, Kangley, Quinn, Wurtzacher

Box Elder, Montana Train Wreck May 1878

Surnames: Bacon, Fisher, Hoskins, Piatt, Sellvin
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