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Indiana Train Wrecks

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Avon, IN Train Wreck, Nov 1902

Passengers from Middleport, Ohio, Cleveland, Chicago, California, St. Louis

Surnames: Brand, Doan, Ellis, Englehart, Gresham, Harris, Klein, Wood

Crawfordsville, Indiana Train Wreck, Jan 1912

Surnames: O'Brien, Tobias, both of Illinois

Fort Wayne, IN Train Accident, Mar 1917

Surnames: Ankenbruck, Harrod, Schone, Steiger

Fowler, IN Train Wreck, Jan 1907

Surnames: Comley, Hall, Harris, Higgener, Magee, Minor, Outgalt, Preston, Schaff, Tripp, Taif, Turk

Hazleton, IN Train Wreck, Mar 1897

Surnames: Allen, Bannis, Bowman, Haines, Hausien, Henderson, McCullough, McCutchoon, Phillips, Sears

Kinsey, IN Train Accident, Aug 1895

Surname: Fox

Locust Grove, IN Train Wreck, July 1902

Surnames: Kamp, Wethymer

Michigan City, IN Train Wreck, Feb 1947

Surnames: Morris, Willard

Newcastle, IN Train Wreck, May 1886

Surnames: Hudson, Trenary

Shadeland, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1910

Surnames Coates, Henderson, Hengen, Matheney

Terre Haute, IN Train Wreck, Sept 1910

Surnames: Burkebyle, Bohling, Browhile, Carpenter, Cornutt, Hammond, Leavitt, McBeth

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